What is an each-way treble?

Prepare to transform your bets and use the each way treble calculator to boost your profit potential.

each way treble


The each-way treble is a bet type that more and more punters are using to maximise their profit potential when horse racing betting. It’s a simple bet to place but has always been a little complicated when it comes to calculating each-way trebles.

If you’re a new punter then you might not know the true value of an each-way treble bet – and that’s where Paddy is here to help. In this guide we’ll take you through the each way treble, how it works and why it’s great for sports betting.

We’re also throwing in some each-way treble tips too, so you can bet with more confidence next time you log into the Paddy Power sportsbook.

What is an each-way treble?

An each-way treble is a bet type that punters use to greatly improve their profit potential. It is a type of multiple or accumulator bet, where you group three selections into one mega wager. Like a treble bet, the each-way treble aims to enhance your odds because each selection needs to win in order for the whole bet to win.

However, the big difference in an each-way treble is each individual selection is a split between a win and a place bet. This ‘each-way’ aspect acts as an extra layer of insurance for your overall wager.

It means two of your selections could win their respective races, while the third only places. In this instance you still win your treble but your profit is reduced.

each way treble example

How each-way trebles work

Each-way trebles work by combining three each-way bets into one big wager. In doing so, each selection relies on the other two to either win or place too, in order for the whole bet to pay out.

Here’s an example of an each-way treble bet:

  • Ricky Bobby at 5.00 EW in the 13:25 at Punchestown
  • Annalecka at 3.75 EW in the 13:55 at Punchestown
  • Dgalwaygallivantor at 5.00 in the 14:25 at Punchestown

each way treble

As you can see here, a £10 base stake on these three horses to win each-way at Punchestown results in a £30 total stake and potential returns of £987.72.

You’ll hit that maximum profit if all three horses win their respective races. However, it’s likely that one or two will place, rather than win. In this instance your profit is recalculated to reflect the place result.

Each-way treble calculator

Want to calculate your each-way treble? We’ll admit that it gets incredibly confusing because each selection in your treble has the potential to carry a different EW payout depending on the number of places in the race.

It’s a lot easier to use the Paddy Power each way treble calculator. Simply enter your three selections and click the ‘Each-Way’ condition to see how much you stand to win.

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Each Way
Dead Heat
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Each-way treble tips

Here are some quick tips for those looking to place a treble each-way bet for the first time:

Don’t rush – Paddy Power provides odds on thousands of horse races a year. There’s no need to rush into a bet, whether that be an each-way treble or a single bet. Take your time, think about your selections, and only place your bet when you feel comfortable and confident.

Understand your profit differentials – There are many different profit outcomes to an each-way treble bet. All three selections could win, in which instance you’d win your maximum profit. However, all three could place, in which case you’d win your minimum profit. Use a calculator to figure out what happens before placing your bet.

Do your research – Take time to look at each selection and make sure you’re happy with your choices. Study the race card for each selection and understand the form, temperament, and potential of each horse. By doing research you maximise your chances of making smart bet choices.

Start with an each-way double – If each-way trebles feel a little overwhelming then why not give an each-way double bet a go first, or even stick to each-way bets. This way you can get familiar with the complexity around EW betting before stepping up to trebles.

Don’t be afraid to cash out – Paddy Power permits cash outs on each-way trebles and it’s worth utilising this option if you need it. You might get second thoughts on that final pick of the day and feel it’s better to secure a smaller profit after two races, or even cut your losses.


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