How many bets are in an accumulator?

Did you know accumulators have a maximum capacity? Read all about accas in our latest guide.

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Accumulators are the easiest way of supercharging your odds and placing large multiple bets on football, NFL and other major sports. But were you aware that there’s a cap on the maximum number of selections you can make in an acca?

Here at Paddy Power we strive to inform all punters about how our bet types works. This naturally includes accas, which is why we’ve created this quick guide to accumulator bet limits.

Read on to understand the number of bets in an acca, why we apply a cap, and when accumulator insurance kicks in.

      Number of bets in an acca

      Accumulators are combination bets where you bring multiple selections into one mega wager. Most punters tend to stick to between three and eight selections in their accas. However, the maximum number of bets in an accumulator at Paddy Power stretches to 20.

      This gives you a lot of scope to craft the ultimate bet and throw additional selections on at a moment’s notice.

      Very few people actually use the full freedoms of the Paddy Power accumulator cap and push it all the way to 20. The reason for this is a twenty-fold acca is simply enormous, so your chances of winning are miniscule.

      Of course, there is always the possibility of you striking lucky, which is why we permit up to 20 selections.

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      Why are accas capped at 20?

      There has to be a limit somewhere and Paddy sets the acca betting cap at 20 for two reasons. The first is that no-one ever really wants to go bigger than 20, so there’s rarely any need to provide the facility.

      The other is to do with our maximum payouts. The max payout for a football bet at Paddy Power is £1 million. While it’s highly unlikely a single bet will reach this threshold, there’s every chance a twenty-fold acca will.

      The acca cap is therefore applied to avoid disappointment.


        When does acca insurance start?

        You can place an acca with as little as two selections – which is known as a double – while three selections is known as a treble. Generally players opt for three or more picks but rarely stray above 10.

        And Paddy is here to give you a helping hand with acca insurance. Now, acca insurance gives you your stake back as a free bet if your accumulator loses by one pick. It’s there to protect you if something doesn’t go to plan, such as an FA Cup third round shock.

        Acca insurance starts at five selections or above and you need to have minimum odds of 3/1. The deal is generally used for football betting and it’s not available on horse racing. 

        What happens if I want a bigger acca than 20?

        If you’re seeking to place an acca bet that exceeds 20 selections then Paddy can’t really help you. After all, the cap is in place to prevent accas going on forever and pushing your potential profit beyond our own limits.

        However, that doesn’t mean you can’t simply place two accas and split your selections between the two. You may not get the same payout potential compared to one monster accumulator but you’ll at least be able to place it in the sportsbook.

        Accumulator bet calculator

        Use our bet calculator to figure out your payout potential from any acca between two and 20 selections! Use this calculation to enhance your accumulator betting choices and set realistic profit targets.

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