What types of tennis bets can you make?

Planning to bet on tennis but don’t know where to begin? Paddy’s here to show you the ropes

types of tennis bets

Betting on tennis has never been easier thanks to Paddy Power’s ultra-slick, all-powerful sportsbook. However, having access to great tennis odds doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to know how to exploit them.

We understand many new and experienced tennis betting fans can feel daunted by the sheer number of bet options available in the sportsbook.

So, Paddy’s here to help. Below are the types of tennis bets you can make on this incredible sport – from backing players to win Grand Slams to betting live on individual points.


Types of tennis bets

There are scores of tennis bet types available out there and finding the right one for you can take time. Remember not to jump into a wager without knowing exactly how it works. Here are the main types of tennis bets you can access at Paddy Power…


You’ll find the Outrights tab running across the top of the Paddy Power sportsbook when you bet on tennis. Outrights focus on the final results in tournaments, which usually means who will win the next Grand Slam. Here are some tennis outright bets:

tennis bet tournament outrights

  • Tournament winner – Bet on a player to win a specific tournament. As you can see from this example, Novak Djokoviic is the big favourite to win the US Open.
  • Each Way – You can also bet on a player to win Each Way. This effectively means backing a player – or a doubles pairing if you’re betting on a doubles event – to reach the final. If they lose the final, you win half your bet.

Match odds

Match odds are where most of the tennis betting action is housed. You can bet on tennis match odds before a match begins and, in many cases, bet live too during play. Here are examples of tennis match bets:

  • Match winner – Back a player or doubles partnership to win their match. As there are no draws in tennis this is a straight bet between two options. It’s the most common tennis bet type.
  • Correct score – Predict the correct score over three or five sets. You can also predict the correct score in the first set of matches.
  • Total match games – Bet on how many games will be played in the match, either above or below a set amount. There are on average nine games per set in men’s singles tennis, so the line is often around 20.5.
  • Handicaps – Back a player to win or lose with a points handicap attached. This means weighting the score in the match in order to change the odds. For example, you might bet on a player to win a Wimbledon match by two sets. They therefore need to win 3-0 in order for you to win your bet.

types of tennis bets

Live tennis bets

Live tennis betting is where the real action gets going! You can live stream tennis at Paddy Power and bet on events unfolding in front of your eyes. We also offer in-play tennis betting on matches that aren’t being streamed, so you’ll never miss a chance to place those important bets. Here are some of the core live tennis bet types:

  • Winner of next game – Bet on who will win the next game and see the odds change as the points wrack up over the course of the game.
  • Point betting – Bet on individual points during a game. This is a great bet type if, for example, you know a player is better at returning serve on their backhand, so you bet on them to win the second return point in a game.
  • Aces – Bet on the number of aces in a game or when the next ace will be.
  • To win a set – Back a player to win a set midway though the set and get different odds to if you bet before the match began. The odds can vary wildly here, especially if there’s a break in serve.
  • Game goes to deuce – Bet on any game to go to deuce. This is an ideal bet if the player returning serve is on the up and looking like they could break.
  • Total points per game – Bet over and under a set line on the number of points in a game. This market naturally reacts wildly to each point that is recorded.

Player specials

On top of betting on tournaments and matches, you can also enjoy tennis player special bets at Paddy Power. These focus on individual players and propose various outcomes over the course of a tournament or season. Here are some to consider:

  • To win a Grand Slam – Back a player to win a Grand Slam at some point in the season. There’s more chance of you winning this bet than backing a player to win a specific Slam, but the odds are naturally worse.
  • To win 2+ Grand Slams – Back players to win two or more Grand Slams in a season. This type of bet is particularly good for hard-court players, as there are two hard Slams (the Australian Open and US Open).
  • World No.1 – Bet on who will be World No.1 at the end of the season. This can be a wildly unpredictable market, especially in women’s singles tennis where Grand Slam results don’t always guarantee a top-ranking spot.