What is an each way single?

Know once and for all what an each way single is and when it’s best to use them

each way single

When betting on horse racing there are times when the terminology gets overly complicated. From Rule 4 and Super Heinzes to SP and trixies, horse racing is one of those sports with a language of its own.

Thankfully Paddy is here to help cut through the jargon. In this guide we’re going to talk about each way singles.

Read on to understand the each way single meaning and see examples of this bet type in action. Discover, too, some quick each way single tips that can help newcomers to the horse racing betting community get to grips with this great bet choice.


What is an each way single?

An each way single is an each way bet on one selection. That’s why it’s called a single. You are betting solely on one horse or greyhound.

The idea is to back a horse to win while also covering yourself if it’s pipped to the post.

Each way singles are easy to place and are displayed as E/W in the Paddy Power sportsbook and in racing previews. Here’s an example:

each way single example

As you can see, the Each Way box is ticked and there is only one selection in the bet.

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How each way singles work

Each way singles work by splitting your bet into two. The first half backs your horse to win, while the second half backs it to at least place. If your horse wins, you win both halves of your each way single bet. If it places, you only win the second half of the wager.

Now, each way singles differ from each way doubles or trebles because you are only betting on one horse.

Were you to place an each way double then you would make two selections, split your stakes as usual, and need both horses to win or place in order to win your bet.

Each way singles are therefore the least complicated and easiest types of each way bet you can make.

Each way single tips

If you’re new to sports betting and are planning to dabble with each way single bets then take a look at these quick tips to help you make the right choices:

  • Understand the bet – Make sure you understand how each way singles work. Take a look at your bet slip when you click on the ‘EW’ button and see how your bet is split in two. Check how much you win if your horse wins, and if it only places. It’s important to remember that sometimes each way bets pay back less than your stake if you bet on a horse at ultra-low odds and they only place. You can also use a single each way bet calculator to figure out your profit potential.

>> Check out Paddy Power’s each way single calculator

  • Remember to pay double – Remember that your stake doubles with an each way single bet in order to cover the two possible outcomes.
  • Look at outsiders – Most bettors rely on each way single bets to target outside picks in a race. For example, horses that aren’t favourites but are considered likely to place are a great option for EWs. You have a stab at the win but also have a fall-back option if the horse only places.
  • Target drifters – If a horse’s odds are drifting and getting wider, it’s because no-one is backing it ahead of the race. These drifters can become great EW single options because their new price makes them worth a small stake. Even a small bet here could turn out to be a big win if they place.
  • Ignore when backing heavy favourites – If you plan to back a heavy favourite in a race then there’s no point betting each way. After all, the value of that place bet were it to not win will be so small as to barely make the stake worthwhile. Instead, it’s better to either look for another option or go big on a single bet on the favourite.