Online cricket betting: how to bet on cricket

Learn how to bet on cricket in minutes with our easy cricket betting guide

online cricket betting


Online cricket betting never stops thanks to the unending nature of the global cricket calendar – and this is great news for bettors. From The Hundred to the IPL, Ashes Test matches to the Cricket World Cup, there’s always a match to bet on.

If you love cricket betting – or even if you’re new to the sport – then Paddy Power is the place for you. In this guide we’ll show you how to bet on cricket, what the most popular markets are, and even offer up some cricket betting tips.

How to bet on cricket

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to learn how to bet on cricket then there are some simple steps to take. First, you need to join Paddy Power by creating an account, and make your first deposit.

Read our How to Join Paddy Power guide for more info.

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After that, head over to the cricket betting page of Paddy’s sportsbook and take a look at the odds on offer. Select a tournament, series or match you want to follow, and then click on the odds for the outcome you want to back. Enter your stake in the pop-up bet slip, check your risk and potential reward, and then hit ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.


We told you it was straightforward! However, while placing a cricket bet is simple, choosing what to bet on is the hard part. Here are the most popular options for betting cricket fans gravitate towards.

  • Match and series betting – Bet on who will win a match or a series. This is usually a straightforward wager between Team A, Team B and a Draw. It’s sometimes seen as a 1X2 bet.
  • Tournament winner – Bet in the outrights markets on which team will win a tournament. Paddy Power offers futures odds on these outrights, so it’s possible to bet months or even years in advance.
  • Top batter – Wager on who will be the top batter in a series, match, innings or a particular team.
  • Top bowler – Bet on who will take the most wickets in a series, match, innings or team.
  • Team totals – Bet on the run total for one of the two teams in a match. This is an over/under market, where you bet on the score either ending over a set amount, or under it.
  • Opening partnership – Bet on how many runs a team’s opening partnership will earn. This is another over/under market.
  • First wicket – Bet on when the first wicket will fall, who claims it, and who will be out.
  • First ball – Bet on the outcome of the first delivery in a match. Will it be a dot ball, a wicket, a boundary, or somewhere in between?

online cricket betting

Cricket betting tips

Now you know a little more about the types of bets you can place in the cricket sportsbook at Paddy Power, it’s time to go over a few quick tips. These cricket match tips are designed to help you maximise your knowledge of the game and the matches you’re focusing on. Remember, knowledge is king in sport betting and that goes for cricket too.

So, here are some quick cricket betting tips that aim to send you on the right path to smarter wagers:

1. Do your research

The first betting tip anyone will give you is to do your research. There’s no point betting on teams or players that you know nothing about. It’s a waste of time and you’ll probably lose your bet. So, do some research and read up on:

  • Team form
  • Player form
  • Injuries and omissions
  • The state of the wicket

By doing some research you’ll begin to understand the likely direction of the game. You can then bet with more knowledge. Read our cricket tips every week for the latest picks and advice.

2. Test Cricket Tip – Back the home team

Tect cricket is increasingly becoming a home banker. It’s harder and harder to win on away wickets because the conditions are primed for the home team. Australia and England struggle on the Indian subcontinent, while India have never won a Test series in South Africa.

3. One Day Cricket Tip – Partnerships are king

Nail a strong partnership towards the top of the batting order and your team will likely win a one day international or 50-over clash. Betting on partnerships combined with match bets can therefore prove profitable.

4. T20 Betting Tip – Impact wickets

Twenty20 cricket, whether it be internationals or when betting on IPL, focuses much of the attention on runs. But impact wickets are where in-play bettors can thrive. One of the best live cricket betting tips you can get is to monitor how a team reacts when they suffer a big wicket. Betting on a batting collapse can prove very profitable when a slugger is sent to the stands.

5. The Hundred Betting Tip – Outside bets worth a punt

The Hundred is still in its infancy as a format and that means it’s harder to predict. Both the men’s and women’s formats feature upsets each year. While Paddy’s odds usually get the eventual winner right, there are options when live betting to back outsiders to thrive. Early wickets, especially, is the sort of bet cricket fans can really profit from.


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