What is a Multi Match Bet Builder?

Discover what a Multi Match Bet Builder is, how it works and why it’s different from an Acca or traditional Bet Builder

multi match bet builder


Sports betting fans are quickly realising the flexibility of choice that comes with being able to place a Multi Match Bet Builder bet. But what exactly is a Multi Match Bet Builder?

This bet type is fairly new but has already proved hugely popular with Paddy Power punters, from football to NFL Multi Match Bet Builders, the option to effectively craft your ultimate wager is finally here.

In this guide we’ll take you through the ins and outs of betting with a Multi Match Bet Builder, and how it all works.

Multi Match Bet Builder explained

A Multi Match Bet Builder is a combination bet that brings a range of single bets together into one mega bet. Some see it as the natural successor to both Accumulators and Bet Builders, because MMBBs take the best of both bet structures.

With a Multi Match Bet Builder you can make a string of individual selections and pull them under one big bet, like an accumulator. And, like with a Bet Builder, if one selection encroaches on another selection then the Multi Match Bet Builder won’t take the bet, meaning you can’t make a mistake.

But what makes a Multi Match Bet Builder even better is that you can place different wagers from more than one game or event and not run the risk of one bet impinging on another.

For example, your MMBB could look like this:

  • England to beat Germany at the World Cup at 2/1
  • France to score first against Netherlands at 1/1
  • Brazil to win on the HT/FT against Ecuador at 3/2
  • USA to get a red card against Australia at 5/1

This Multi Match Bet Builder features four different bet types from four different games, all bunched into one mega wager.

Were you to bet £1 on each single outcome, you’d win £9.50. But combined, a £4 winning Multi Match Bet Builder would return £356 profit.


How to place Multi Match Bet Builder bets

To place a Multi Match Bet Builder, first you need to create a Paddy Power account or log into your profile. Once you’re logged in and your account is charged with funds, head over to the sportsbook and look for sports that carry the Multi Match Bet Builder option.

The two most common sports for MMBBs are football and NFL.

multi match bet builder

Click on the Multi Match Bet Builder tab to see all of the day’s selections. These selections cover multiple games and multiple outcomes within each game. Click on the odds you want to back and make at least two choices. Your Multi Match Bet Builder can be as small as two picks or go on infinitely.

Check the bet slip and look at your Bet Builder section. You’ll see your multiple selections in one place. Enter your stake in the box to check your potential returns, and hit Place Bet to complete the process.

Why is Multi Match Bet Builder different?

A Multi Match Bet Builder is different because it stretches over more than one game. Normal Bet Builders only focus on one game, such as a football match, in order to make the choice of bets simple for bettors.

Accumulators, meanwhile, don’t have the safety net of not working if you accidentally back two selections that cannot both win.

A Multi Match Bet Builder has the built-in failsafe to prevent you from backing two opposing selections, like a Bet Builder. It also has the flexibility to cover more than one event, like an Acca.

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