What golf bet types are available?

Want to know what kind of bets can you make on golf? Check out these golf bet types!

betting odds for golf


There are thousands of golf odds to bet on during the course of the season, from majors through to regional events. Betting on golf therefore encompasses a lot of variables – and that’s good news for punters.

If you want to bet on golf but don’t know where to start then let Paddy Power be your guide. Below, we’ll take you through the types of golf bets you’re most likely to find over the course of a season.

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Take a look below at the various golf bet types, when it’s best to wager on them, and what Paddy Power golf betting options there are in our sportsbook!


Golf Tournament Bets

Let’s begin with tournament bets. These are generally outright wagers you can place before a tournament begins.

  • Tournament winner – This is perhaps the most straightforward golf bet you can make. Wager on who you think will win an upcoming tournament. The odds generally reflect form and ranking, so the big boys are towards the top with shorter prices. Here, for example, is how the tournament winner odds look for the Masters.

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  • Top 10 finish – Bet on a player to finish in the top 10 of a tournament. There’s often also a Top 5 market, where the odds are higher. If a player finished Tied 10th then that counts!
  • Make the cut – Betting on players to make the cut (or fail to make the cut) can be a lucrative option. The cut is the halfway mark of a four-day tournament, where players who haven’t reached a certain score are ‘cut’ from the field.
  • Winning nationality – A great outright bet, especially at the majors, is on which nationality will win the tournament. Americans usually dominate this market but when it comes to the European Tour big groups include backing Irish, UK, Spanish and Scandinavian winners.

Golf Live Bets

Live golf betting at Paddy Power involves plenty of attention to detail. You can wager on the final score of players and follow all the stats as the leaderboard changes. Paddy’s sportsbook deploys powerful software to update the odds of every player as each shot is taken during a tournament. Here are the best live golf bet types worth looking at.

  • Round score – Bet on a player to shoot a certain score during their round. These odds change as the player progresses through their round.
  • Overnight leader – Betting on the overnight leader is a great way to assess the entire field when betting on live golf.
  • Hole in one – Will there be a hole in one during the tournament? Look out for courses that have three or more Par 3 holes. If there are a lot of short holes then a hole in one could be on the cards.

betting odds for golf

Golf Player Bets

Following individual players, instead of the entire field, can be a great way to enjoy the sport while betting on golf. There are many different types of golf bets available and new ones pop up each year, especially at the majors. Still, here are some ideal golf player bets to get you started. 

  • Head to heads – You can bet on the winner of each grouping during the majors and other big golf events. This is a great way to follow a group of three players over the course and bet on who will come out on top.
  • Best Engnlishman, etc – Bet on who you think will be the next Englishman, best Irishman, best Swede, etc. before and during tournaments. This is a great option for cutting down the field of options and betting on someone who you think will do well but not win the whole thing.
  • Big Guns vs The Field – The Big Guns are usually the top four or five players in the rankings. You can either bet on them or the rest of the field to win the tournament.
  • Top 40 accas – Golf accumulator bets are ideal for those who want to wager on dead-certs and group them together into one big bet. One tip is to back the big boys at short odds to finish in the Top 40 at majors. Their odds will be short but combined an acca can produce some excellent odds.

Ryder Cup Bets

Betting on the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and Solheim Cup are special occasions in golf betting. That’s because the types of golf bets available here differ slightly. Below are the core Ryder Cup bets that also apply to the other team tournaments.

  • Tournant winner – Bet on which team will win the Ryder Cup. Your options are Team USA, Team Europe, or Draw.
  • Correct score – Teams in the Ryder Cup need 14.5 points to win the whole thing. You can bet on the final score throughout the three days of competition.
  • Match play bets – Bet on foursomes and fourballs on the Friday and Saturday of the Ryder Cup. Bet on individual matches, who will win, what the score will be, and even go hole-by-hole.
  • Sunday Singles – Ryder Cup Sunday singles betting is perfect for the over/unders market. Bet on how many Team Europe players will win, for example, either above or below a set line. It might be that the Ryder Cup is over by midway through the Sunday singles, which is why betting on individual matches is all the more fun.

Remember, there are scores of golf bet types available at Paddy Power. The ones above are just a taster of what you can expect to find when betting on golf at the majors, on the PGA and European Tours, and in the Ryder, Solheim and Presidents Cups. Be sure to check out the Paddy Power golf betting options every week of the season for the latest odds.


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