What is a Trixie bet?

Use our trixie bet guide to learn what a trixie is all about and what sports you can use it on

trixie bet guide


A trixie bet sounds like one of those complicated betting options that only hardened horse racing fans know anything about. Well, Paddy’s here to cut through the jargon in our latest guide to demystifying the world of betting.

Read on to learn what a trixie bet in, how to calculate your winnings, and what sports other than the horses are good for trixies!

What is a trixie bet?

A trixie bet is a collaboration of four bets blended into one. Using three selections, the trixie creates:

  • 3x double bets
  • 1x triple bet

Combined, these bets boost your profit potential and, unlike accumulators, they can still win even if one leg of the trixie fails!


How does a trixie bet work?

A trixie bet works by creating four possible outcomes from three bets. In doing so, your odds are greatly boosted and you have a layer of protection if one bet fails. Here’s an example of a trixie bet in action:

You want to bet on horse racing across three runs at Aintree. You plan to back:

  1. Alpha to win the first race at odds of 2.00
  2. Beta to win the second race at odds of 3.00
  3. Gamma to win the third race at odds of 6.00

With a trixie, you create four combinations:

  1. Alpha and Beta win
  2. Alpha and Gamma win
  3. Beta and Gamma win
  4. Alpha, Beta and Gamma win

Now, each leg of your trixie works in separation from the others. So, not all horses have to win for you to earn a return. If only Alpha and Beta win their races, then Leg 1 will pay out but the other three will be lost.

That’s still better than an accumulator, where your entire bet falls apart if one horse loses.

trixie betting guide

Trixie bet calculator

We’re not going to lie, calculating a trixie bet isn’t exactly straightforward. That’s why most bettors use the Paddy Power trixie bet calculator to understand their odds and profit potential.

If you want to do it the traditional way then here’s how a trixie bet is calculated. We’ll use the horse racing example above:

Your three trixie picks are:

  1. Alpha @ 2.00
  2. Beta @ 3.00
  3. Gamma @ 6.00

This means the individual odds on your four legs are:

  1. Alpha + Beta Double: 6.00 
  2. Alpha + Gamma Double: 12.00
  3. Beta + Gamma Double: 18.00 
  4. Alpha, Beta + Gamma Treble: 36.00

Your overall odds are therefore: 72.00. Were you to wager £1 on this trixie you’d win £68 profit (your stake is £4 because a pound goes on each leg).

Best sports for trixie bets

Horse racing is the most common bet type for trixies because punters play with the horse racing odds to pick three winners, and then throw them together. Trixies are one of numerous horse racing bet types that sound like jargon for most of us, such as patent bets and Yankee bets.

Paddy Power also offers trixies on a wide range of other sports, including:

Football – Use a trixie for football betting and squeeze more profits out of dead-cert wins in the Premier League and Champions League

Tennis – Back individuals to cruise through the early rounds of tournaments and bet on tennis with boosted odds via a trixie

Paddy Power trixie bet guide

Now we know about what a trixie bet is, it’s time to learn how to place a trixie bet. Paddy Power’s sportsbook makes it super simple. Let’s use the Premier League as our example.

trixie bet paddy power

Here are three picks for a weekend round of games:

  1. Brighton to beat Aston Villa @ 6/4
  2. Arsenal to beat Bournemouth @ 4/9
  3. Everton and Luton to draw @ 14/5

You can see on the right of the sportsbook that the bet slip has added all three selections. Click on the ‘Trixie’ arrow to open that option, and enter your stake. Remember, whatever you enter here will be multiplied by four for your overall stake, because you’re placing four individual bets here.

You’ll see your potential profit and your total stake. From there, it’s worth double checking you’re happy with the risk and your selections, before hitting ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.


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