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A Lucky 15 bet isn’t the most common type of wager most of us are likely to make in the Paddy Power sportsbook. However, it’s not as complicated as you might think – and it can pay big money if you nail the right choices.

Whether you’re into horse racing, football, tennis or any other sport, Paddy is here to explain how Lucky 15 bets work, and how you can calculate your profit potential.

So, follow us as we delve into the world of Lucky 15s!


What is a Lucky 15 bet?

A Lucky 15 bet is a multiple bet type, where you bring 15 individual wagers into one mega bet. It involves just four selections. By combining these selections numerous ways, you can create 15 outcomes to bet on.

Here’s a quick breakdown of a Lucky 15 bet:

  • 4x single bets
  • 6x double bets
  • 4x treble bets
  • 1x fourfold bet

Remember, all you’ve done is bet on four events/outcomes, but by combining them with other outcomes you can create 15 different bets that come together for your Lucky 15.

How does a Lucky 15 bet work?

lucky 15 bet

All Lucky 15 bets work the same way. It works by creating 15 possible outcomes from four selections. It might sound a lot like an accumulator but there is a big difference. Whereas an acca fails if one selection loses, with a Lucky 15 you can still win if one, two or even three selections fail.

Here’s what a Lucky 15 bet looks like, using horse racing odds. You start by making four selections for upcoming races:

  1. Alpha to win @ 2.00
  2. Beta to win @ 3.00
  3. Gamma to win @ 7.00
  4. Delta to win @ 4.00

A Lucky 15 bet is built of 15 selections, so this is how your bets line up:

  1. Alpha Win
  2. Beta Win
  3. Gamma Win
  4. Delta Win
  5. Alpha + Beta Win 
  6. Alpha + Gamma Win
  7. Alpha + Delta Win
  8. Beta + Gamma Win 
  9. Beta + Delta Win 
  10. Gamma + Delta Win
  11. Alpha, Beta + Gamma Win
  12. Alpha, Beta + Delta Win
  13. Alpha, Gamma + Delta Win
  14. Beta, Gamma + Delta Win
  15. Alpha, Beta, Gamma + Delta Win

As you can see, there four four single bets, six doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold. When you bet on Lucky 15, you wager on each individual leg. So, a £1 stake is actually £15.

Lucky 15 bet calculator

Working out a Lucky 15 is not easy. There’s a lot of maths at play here, with 15 individual sums to do before the big one at the end. That’s why most people use the Lucky 15 bet calculator at Paddy Power.

However, if you insist on doing it by hand then get ready for a brain-melter. Here’s how to work out a Lucky 15 bet.

Your four picks are:

  1. Alpha to win @ 2.00
  2. Beta to win @ 3.00
  3. Gamma to win @ 7.00
  4. Delta to win @ 4.00

This means your 15 combinations are:

  1. Alpha Single: 2.00
  2. Beta Single: 3.00
  3. Gamma Single: 7.00
  4. Delta Single: 4.00
  5. Alpha + Beta Double: 6.00 
  6. Alpha + Gamma Double: 14.00
  7. Alpha + Delta Double: 8.00
  8. Beta + Gamma Double: 21.00 
  9. Beta + Delta Double: 12.00 
  10. Gamma + Delta Double: 28.00
  11. Alpha, Beta + Gamma Treble: 42.00
  12. Alpha, Beta + Delta Treble: 24.00
  13. Alpha, Gamma + Delta Treble: 56.00
  14. Beta, Gamma + Delta Treble: 84.00
  15. Alpha, Beta, Gamma + Delta Fourfold: 168.00

To calculate a Lucky 15, multiple each price within each bet and then add up all the odds. So, your first Single of Alpha (2.00) is, of course, 2.00. But your first Double of Alpha (2.00) + Beta (3.00) carries odds of 6.00.

Calculate the odds for all 15 bets and then add them together. In this instance, you’d earn profit of £464 off a £1 bet (total stake of £15).

Even if one selection loses you would still earn money from 3x singles, 4x doubles, and 1x treble. Two horses lose and you’d earn money from 2x singles and 1x double.

Best sports for a Lucky 15 bet

lucky 15 bet horse racing

Lucky 15 bets are most common in horse racing and greyhounds because punters use them to bulk up their win potential. If you already have an idea of who you want to bet on over the course of a race day, but want some insurance in case one of your selections loses, then a Lucky 15 provides that cushion.

Other sports for Lucky 15 bets include:

Football – Accumulators dominate the football betting landscape but the problem with accas is they can fail thanks to a single goal. Lucky 15 bets, as well other multiples like patent bets and trixie bets, offer a level of insurance in case one selection fails. You can put your knowledge to the test and still win if your luck isn’t totally in.

Tennis – Punters generally focus on individual matches when they bet on tennis but Lucky 15s offer a great chance to combine dead-certs together. In the men’s singles at a Grand Slam, for example, Lucky 15s allow you to create Doubles, Trebles and a Fourfold on top-seeded players who, in reality, aren’t going to lose.

Paddy Power Lucky 15 betting guide

lucky 15 example

Here’s a quick blow-by-blow guide on how to place a Lucky 15 bet:

  1. The first step is to log into your Paddy Power account, make a deposit, and head over to the sportsbook
  2. Look over the sportsbook and find a sport or event you want to bet on. IN our example we’re going to use Premier League football
  3. Make your selections. As you can see here, we’ve chosen Brighton, Arsenal and Crystal Palace to win, plus a game between Everton and Luton to finish as a draw
  4. You can see four selections to the right of your screen in the bet slip. If you’re betting on mobile then the bet slip will pop up by selecting it
  5. Don’t enter any stakes in the individual match boxes. Instead, enter your stake in the Lucky 15 box. Here, we’ve entered £1 as an example
  6. At the bottom you’ll see your total stake is now £15, to reflect all 15 bets within the Lucky 15
  7. Once you’re happy with your choices and your level of risk, hit Place Bet to complete the process

Remember, a Lucky 15 still pays out even if one, two or three selections lose. Of course, the big winner is to land the fourfold, at which point all 15 bets win!


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