How to Place an Accumulator – A step-by-step guide

Nail winning accas when you read this simple guide on how to place an accumulator bet

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Nailing an accumulator in betting is all about precision. Make one mistake and your entire acca bet can come tumbling down. Thankfully the Paddy Power sportsbook makes creating accumulator bets simple.

In this quick guide we’ll explain how to place an accumulator bet right here at Paddy Power. Learn the basics to accumulator betting and see how easy it is to craft your ideal wager.

How to place an accumulator bet

  1. Create a betting account
  2. Choose the sports you want to bet on (football, tennis, etc)
  3. Select your bets
  4. Enter stake in the acca box
  5. Check your risk and potential reward
  6. Click ‘Place Bet’


Accumulator bet example

We’re going to use a typical Premier League Saturday to show you how easy it is to use the Paddy Power accumulator. Of course, it all begins with joining up to our sportsbook!

Step 1: Create a betting account

Of course, you can’t place an acca without opening an account first! Head over to Paddy Power and set up your account in minutes. You’ll need ID and other details on hand. After that, make a deposit (and trigger any bonuses we have on offer!) before heading into the sportsbook.

Step 2: Choose the sports you want to bet on (football, tennis, etc)

This is where your accumulator bet begins to take shape. Choose which sports and events you want to bet on. Football accumulators are popular but there’s nothing stopping you betting on a range of sports at once. Over a weekend you could wager on football, tennis, F1 and rugby all in one mega wager.

We’re using football as an example in this acca betting guide. Here’s a list of the Saturday kick offs in the Premier League.

accumulator bet example

Step 3: Select your bets

Say you want to make a five-fold accumulator on the Premier League Saturday games. Simply click on the outcome of all five games, as shown above. You’ll notice on the right that the odds begin to accumulate. Your acca is taking shape!

Step 4: Enter stake in the acca box

Once you’ve made your selections, look at the bet slip to the right of the sportsbook odds (or, if you’re on your phone, click on the bet slip to open it). You’ll see a box titled ‘Accumulator’. Add your stake into that box and no other.

Step 5: Check your risk and potential reward

You’ll see your potential payout when you enter your stake in the Accumulator box. Play around with the stake to find a bet level and payout size that you’re comfortable with. Remember, you can always delete or add selections to your acca.

Step 6: Click ‘Place Bet’

Once you’re happy with the structure of your acca, hit ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

And that’s it! Now it’s time to sit back and follow all the action. Remember, look out for especially-crafted accas in the Paddy Power sportsbook, as well as acca insurance deals!

Benefits of accumulator bets

Not everyone is confident placing accumulator bets as the risk is obviously bigger than if you simply placed singles wagers on loads of individual events. However, there are some big benefits to accas that are worth thinking about. These include:

  • Maximising your profit – Accas throw all the odds together into one mega bet, which means your profit potential is far bigger than if you wagered on individual bets. The counter to this is that the risk is higher too.
  • Great for small wagers – If you have a small budget then placing an accumulator gives you the opportunity to chase big payouts without raising your risk beyond what you’re comfortable with.
  • Great fun – Follow all the action with your accumulator bet and you may find yourself loving backing a completely random team!
  • Increase your knowledge – Betting on multiple players, teams, or even sports increases your knowledge of sport as a whole and means you can make smarter bet choices next time.

Getting paid for acca bets

Accumulator bets only pay out once each leg of the bet wins and is settled. This can take a little bit of time if one of your legs is on, for example, a race where the winner cannot be determined at the end.

If there is an instance where you’re waiting for one leg of your acca to settle then don’t worry, we won’t forget about the bet! In fact, our team works hard to deliver results and payouts as fast as possible. As soon as we know the result of any event, you know it too.

All accumulator payments are automatically credited to player accounts.

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