What is a Flag in Horse Racing? Understanding the Basics

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What is a flag bet in horse racing?

A horse racing flag bet is much the same as a normal flag bet on any other sport given that you are combining multiple selections on one bet slip. In this instance, however, you will be betting on four horses in different races, making up your four unique selections covering 23 bets.

A horse racing flag bet is made up of 23 individual bets. They are as follows: six up-and-down singles, four trebles, six doubles, and of course a four-fold accumulator. As you can see by now, the fundamentals of a horse racing flag bet, for the most part, mirror that of any other sport.

What are the advantages of placing a Horse Racing Flag Bet?

For all of the apparent complexity of a horse racing flag bet, there are also significant advantages to placing one. To start with, this is a bet that in general, rewards those who possess a vast understanding of a specific sport.

Put another way, a flag bet allows you to capitalise on the mega sporting mind you have by placing 23 bets that you feel could return a tidy profit. This especially applies to horse racing enthusiasts who feel they have the inside track on an upcoming meet.

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It is also beneficial that only one bet needs to win before a proportional payout takes place. In most other accumulator bets, you will find that if just one leg of your combinations lets you down, you will lose. So in this sense, the security of a flag bet is an attractive option.

Perhaps most significant though in terms of advantages is that a flag bet on horse racing has the potential to return a sizeable profit if it lands. Yes, the odds are high but so are the possible rewards.

How to place a horse racing flag bet

Placing a flag bet on horse racing is easily done with Paddy Power when you head into one of the retail shops closest to you. Once there, you can build your ideal flag bet just in time for an upcoming horse racing showdown.

Should you need any assistance, there will be staff on hand to help you correctly put together a bet slip that consists of six up-and-down singles, four trebles, six doubles, and a four-fold accumulator which makes up a flag bet.


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