What is a NAP in Betting? Understanding the Meaning & Basics

Everything you need to know about NAPs.

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What is a NAP?

Betting terms can often sound like another language, which is why if you’ve been asked for the best sports NAP you’ve ever had, you may at first be tempted to say the one on the terraces after watching a long afternoon of Sean Dyche’s football.

It would be an answer that earns you a blank stare back given that a NAP in betting is actually a term for the best tip for the day. What’s more, it is a tip that you are encouraged to follow as the chances of earning a return on a NAP bet are, in theory, higher.

NAPs are most common in horse racing with respected tipsters providing their best bets on a daily basis. They’re a very handy option if you want to take advantage of being given expert insight by an industry pundit who has the inside track. Whether that be at the Cheltenham Festival, Epsom Derby, or Royal Ascot – there will always be an informed NAP available.

Essentially, top NAP picks have taken into consideration past success, current form, the trainers, and the style of track they are running at, which make them a reliable source of information.

Where does the term NAP come from?

The term NAP is derived from the word Napoleon, which is a French card game. You might ask how this has made its way into the sports betting industry and the answer is that, in the game, when someone believes they have a winning hand, it’s called ‘NAPoleon‘. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why tipsters would use the term NAP to describe the bet they feel is a winnable one.

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What does a NAP mean in horse racing?

In horse racing, a NAP is a term used to refer to a tipster’s best bet of the day. In short, it is the horse that they have the most confidence in to win its race or even place. Furthermore, it can also be the horse that a jockey or trainer has identified as their best chance of winning a race. As you can see, a NAP is not a wild punt, It’s a knowledgeable prediction made by those with a close connection to horse racing.

Naturally, many people have asked what a NAP in horse racing is primarily good for. You’ll find that following a NAP helps with improving accuracy when you bet. Of course, they’re not cast-iron guarantees as all sports can be highly unpredictable. Even with observations and astute predictions, you just never know how events will play out.

However, at the same time, NAPs are well-researched tips that are provided by the industry’s best minds. These professionals know how to interpret statistics and also have the strategic ability to predict the potential knock-on effects of current affairs (such as ongoing injuries).


What is the ‘NAP of the Day’?

When you log onto the Paddy Power News website, you’ll be able to access the latest NAP of the Day tips. Once you have navigated your way over to the ‘NAP of the Day’ page, you will find the name of the selected tipster and the NAP they have provided.

These NAPs are usually sourced from a local paper or a regional journalist – people with their ears to the ground and in the best position to provide an informed view of the day’s racing. Any NAP in horse racing that you find on Paddy Power News will always be up to date with new tips supplied on a daily basis.

Additionally, you will also find links to live streaming of the day’s racing as well as a shortcut to the Fast Results section of the site on the ‘NAP of the Day’ page.


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