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What is a Flag Bet?

If you’ve ever asked what is a flag bet then you’re not alone. It is, of course, a bet that isn’t as straightforward as something like a single where you are betting on just one outcome.

But at the same time, a flag bet isn’t that hard to understand and, in no time, you will be on your way to building a smart flag bet after you’ve taken in the information on this page. In its simplest form, a flag bet lets you combine multiple selections on one bet slip. Although instead of single events, you are adding entire accumulators.

Indeed, a flag bet is made up of 23 bets which cover a total of four selections. The 23 bets in question consist of six doubles, four trebles, one four-fold accumulator, and six up-and-down singles which in total, work out to 12 bets.

In its entirety, a flag bet is made up of 23 bets which are spread over four events. They can be broken down as follows: four trebles, six doubles, one four-fold accumulator, and lastly, six up-and-down singles form 12 bets which is why you get 23 in the end.

Whilst several different combinations make up the 23 bets, you will in all likelihood be familiar with the four main selections that are the anchors of the bet. Perhaps an even simpler way of looking at a flag bet is that it is a Yankee bet with an additional six up-and-down singles.

On which sports can I place a flag bet?

So, with the mechanics of a flag bet now explained, you might be tempted to construct one yourself but would like to know what sports are available to bet on. The good news is that there are no restrictions on sports when it comes to building a flag bet.

You can choose any sport that you feel will give you the best opportunity of netting a tidy profit. With that said, the most popular sports to bet on when it comes to a flag are certainly football and horse racing.

A good point to keep in mind is that even if the world is very much your oyster when building a flag bet, it helps to focus on the sports you have a good understanding of. The more familiar you are with a certain sport, the higher the chance you have of walking away with a handsome return.

What are the advantages of placing a Flag Bet?

There are significant advantages to placing a flag bet, even if the concept seems somewhat complex at first. To begin with, you are covering a wide range of outcomes which naturally means that your odds are going to be higher.

However, with higher odds, come the chances of bigger returns. This leads us to the next notable benefit and that is a flag bet that gives you a chance to capitalise on your vast sporting knowledge.

As initially touched on, it’s not as straightforward as a single bet which means that a bit of thought has to go into the selections you are making. But the upside is that if you’re someone with an encyclopedic understanding of a specific sport, then you have a greater chance of putting together a flag bet that has the potential to land you good rewards.

How to place a flag bet

Learning how to place a flag bet is easy, although you won’t be able to do it online as things stand. Instead, if you head into one of Paddy Power’s retail stores then you will have the chance to place the flag bet of your choosing.

All you will need to do is pick your four selections which cover six doubles, four trebles, one four-fold accumulator, and six up-and-down singles. Once you’ve done that then you can head over to the on-duty staff who will make your flag bet official.


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