What is a Trixie bet?

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Trixies are traditionally popular among horse racing markets. But if you don’t what they are, have no fear. Here we’re going to explain exactly what they are here, including how to calculate them and how to place one.


If you put three selections into your bet slip, you get a few options for your betting, one of which is the Trixie bet. Not as extensive as a Patent bet, but with more bets than a set of doubles, you can use a Trixie bet to cover multiple outcomes of what would be a set of three singles or a treble.

Before you place the system wager, you need to know what a Trixie bet is! Here, we answer the question and demonstrate how you calculate a Trixie bet in terms of odds and wagering.

1. What is a Trixie bet?

A Trixie bet is a form of multiple or system bet that you can place from three selections. It covers all of the potential combinations from the three selections bar the singles. By using a Trixie bet, you bet on each of these combinations individually, with the Trixie bet option being a convenient way to do so.

2. How does a Trixie bet work?

A Trixie bet works by placing an even percentage of your bet on four individual bets. These will cover all of the non-single combinations that can be made from three selections. As a result, you end up betting on three doubles and one treble. If one of your selections doesn’t come in, you’ll still get a return from one double.

So, when you pick the Trixie bet option, your total wager will be divided by four to cover all of the bets. In some bet slips, the figure that you put down as your bet is multiplied by four. Be sure to check the total bet before you place your wager.

3. How do I calculate a Trixie bet?

Now you know what a Trixie bet is, you can start to learn how to calculate a Trixie bet. To do this, you need to divide your total wager by four. This amount will then be staked on three doubles and a treble.

To calculate the returns of a Trixie bet, you need to work out the odds for all four of the bets. Here’s an example of how it’d go:

  • Selection A: 17/2
  • Selection B: 11/8
  • Selection C: 4/11.

From these, you’ll get the following odds for each of the Trixie bet combinations:

  • A+B Double: 21.56/1
  • A+C Double: 11.95/1
  • B+C Double: 2.24/1
  • A+B+C Treble: 29.77/1.

A four-coin wager on this Trixie bet will return 69.52 if all of your selections come in. If Selection B failed to land, only the A+C Double would be left standing, which would return 12.95.

4. What sports can I place a Trixie bet on?

The Trixie bet is most popular among horse racing bettors, but it can just as easily be used for other sports. As long as you have three selections in your bet slip, you’ll likely be able to place a Trixie bet.

The only exception will be if you combine incompatible bets. Other than that, you can place a Trixie bet on football, American football, cricket, ice hockey, rugby, basketball, or whatever takes your fancy.

5. How do I place a Trixie bet?

The Trixie bet option becomes available when you have three selections in your bet slip. Any more or fewer selections and the Trixie bet won’t appear. Here’s how to place a Trixie bet at Paddy Power:

  1. Click on the three odds that you want to bet on to put them in the bet slip;
  2. Open the bet slip and scroll to the bottom;
  3. Click on the Trixie drop-down;
  4. Input the amount that you want to stake on each of its four bets (1.00 is a 4.00 bet);
  5. Press the green Place Bet button to place your Trixie bet.

Now that you can answer what is a Trixie bet and know how the system bet works, you can get yourself a bit more insurance when you want to back three selections.


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