What is a Heinz Bet?

Everything you need to know about placing a Heinz bet!


From Doubles, Trebles and Bet Builders all the way up to Heinz and Tricast bets, there’s plenty to get to gribs with when placing your bets, and we’re here to help though by explaining what a Heinz Bet is and how to place it.


What is a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet is an advanced bet used in many sports. This type of bet applies over multiple events and is not possible to place in a single game or match. These bets are usually only possible in sports with events held close together, such as horse and greyhound racing. Heinz bets are applicable across different sports in some circumstances.

Requiring 57 total bets over six events, the cost of a Heinz bet quickly adds up. The wide cover also means the bet has many possible returns, though a complete win for a punter will be rare.

The name Heinz bet comes from the Heinz line of condiments. Since Heinz offers ’57 varieties’, or did at one point, punters drew a comparison to the bet, and the name stuck.

How does a Heinz bet work?

A total of 57 equal bets make up a Heinz bet. These are of equal value, placed across six different events. A Heinz bet includes the following:

  • 15 doubles
  • 10 trebles
  • 15 four-folds
  • 6 five-folds
  • 1 five-fold accumulator 

For an example of a Heinz bet in action, consider a $2 equal bet as a starting point. At this entry level, each of the above points has this $2 placed, for a total cost of $114.


How do I calculate a Heinz bet?

Calculating the starting cost of a Heinz bet means multiplying your even bet by 57. This means that more expensive bets will quickly balloon, so punters need to watch their bankroll.

Winnings can be more complicated to calculate. The Paddy Power online Heinz bet calculator can help here, but odds are also calculable manually.

To make calculations easy, first, convert any fractional odds into their decimal form. Don’t worry if it’s been some time since you learned maths, it’s easier than it looks. Simply take the top number in the fraction, divide it by the bottom number, and then add one. For example, 4/3 odds would then become 2.33, and 5/4 would become 2.25.

From this point, you must multiply the decimal odds of your doubles, trebles, four-folds, and five-folds together. This means multiplying the bets in each section together, so all doubles, all trebles, and so on. Don’t multiply every entry from every selection together.

Once you have these five sets of multiplied odds, you can multiply each result by your stake to calculate your potential winnings.

What sports can I place a Heinz bet on?

Because Heinz bets require many wagers, they are only suited to sports which hold numerous events close together. The most popular of these sports are in animal racing with horses and greyhounds. Other potential sports include tennis, rugby sevens, basketball, and football.

These can also be possible in the growing eSports landscape, where closely-placed matches are common in tournament play.

How do I place a Heinz bet?

There are six simple steps to making a Heinz bet at Paddy Power:

  1. Select the sport you wish to bet on from the Paddy Power homepage.
  2. Once happy with your selection, you’re presented with the option to narrow down your bet. Potential options include markets, races, and fixtures. In the case of a Heinz bet, this will usually be in an animal racing event.
  3. Press or click on the odds button where you wish to place your bet.
  4. Once your option is selected, press or click on your ‘Betslip’.
  5. Enter the value of your bet, remembering it will be multiplied across all 57 betting points.
  6. After all options and choices have been set, press or click on the ‘Place Bets’ button to confirm your selection.  


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