What is a Tricast Bet?

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Betting can be a complicated old business. From Lucky 15s to Heinz and Canadian bets, there’s a lot to get your head around. But fear not, we’re here with a handy explainer or two to clear up some of the more technical terms you might not be aware of.


Ever wondered, ‘what is a Tricast?’ Here’s the ins and outs of this particular way to play.

What is a Tricast Bet?

You may be confident that you can pick a winner in a horse or greyhound race, but can you pick the first three places? If you think you can, you should place a tricast bet, as you could potentially make high returns on your stake. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about tricast bets.

How Does a Tricast Bet Work?

A tricast bet includes three separate wagers on an event combined into one. To win one of these bets, you need to correctly predict the first, second, and third places in a race and get them in the right order as well. Tricast bets combine the odds of the three participants to generate huge odds of the bet coming to fruition.

Check out this example of a tricast bet in action:

  • Runner 3 to finish first
  • Runner 5 to finish second
  • Runner 8 to finish third

The tricast payout is calculated based on the odds of the three selections finishing in each spot. These odds are then multiplied by one another. You can use an online tricast bet calculator to get an idea of the total odds. They will also be listed on our site after you place the bet.

What are the Types of Tricast Bets?

There are two types of tricast bet that you can place

  • Straight tricast – This is where you have to correctly predict the first, second, and third finishers in the exact order.
  • Combination tricast – This is where you pick the three finishers, but they can be in any order. This bet is likelier to come to win, but the odds are nowhere near as big as they are for the straight tricast.

What Sports are Suitable for Tricast Bets?

You can’t place tricast bets in every sport. They are usually reserved for horse racing and greyhound racing because the races offer payouts for first, second, and third place. There need to be at least eight participants in a race for you to be able to place a tricast.

Sometimes, you will find tricast bets available for competitions like the football World Cup. For example, you may be able to place a tricast among the top three finishers in the competition. If you are unsure about what to place a tricast bet on, you can contact our helpful customer service team.

How do I Place a Tricast Bet?

Placing a tricast bet with Paddy is straightforward. All you have to do is choose a competition in which the winners compete to earn first, second, and third place. There must also be more than eight participants in the competition.

If you want to place a tricast bet on a horse race, for instance, you click on the event and it will show you the odds on the different racers. Click on the three you want to bet on, and these will appear in your bet slip. You can then view them in your betslip.

From there, scroll down and you will have the option to place a tricast or a combination tricast. You then choose how much you want to stake. Please bear in mind that the odds or potential winnings may not show until after the race.


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