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What Odds Paddy


If you have grown tired of the status quo and are constantly getting the hump due to the lack of choice on offer and are subsequently not living your best life, then Paddy Power is here to change all of that. #WhatOddsPaddy will transform the way you bet as it hands the power back to you and leaves the ball in your court.

That’s right, thanks to Paddy Power you are now able to, in the haunting words of the timeless Spice Girls, ‘spice up your life’ by creating your own bets. The day of ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir’ are well and truly over for you. 

Log-in to

The first thing to do is to log-in to and have a quick glance around the sight. If the age-old odds of win/draw/lose are not quite doing it for you then hop along to the #WhatOddsPaddy market to have a look at what your fellow punters have conjured up. Here you will find a list of bets that the public have successfully submitted to Paddy Power who are now offering live odds on the outcome. 


Here you’ll see punts like Arsenal and Liverpool both to score in the first 15 minutes at 7/1, Over 15.5 goals scored during the Super Sunday games at 20/1, and the odds on Phil Jones winning the Ballon d’Or; odds that would take up the next three pages if they were put into numbers. Paddy power are masters at offering you a different perspective, with any of these odds being open for you to jump on and use should something take your fancy.

Who can forget when 37 punters landed a 10/1 shot on Chelsea vs Man United thanks to #WhatOddsPaddy. Although as a disclaimer it must be said, that particular requested bet relied on Alvaro Morata to score, so maybe it’s best if we leave it to you to decide whether it was genius or utter stupidity to hop on. Although it does dispute the danger of the lasting reprimand and cautionary tale of ‘if all of your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?’ 

Anyway, Should you still feel unfulfilled after scoping out the other created wagers then fear not, just fire up your Twitter and begin living the life you were meant to.

Tweet @PaddyPower with your bet using #WhatOddsPaddy

You don’t know the meaning of empowerment until you have tweeted Paddy Power with the bet you want to see come to life. The world, as they say, is your oyster and the sky the only real limit. You’ll be scratching your head at this stage, wary of having someone tell you that you can do things your way – but it’s completely true. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the odds are of Marcelo Bielsa confronting a bunch of Leeds fans with a questionable device outside his bedsit in Wetherby after a night of them chanting for Eddie Nketiah to start, then why not tweet #WhatOddsPaddy to find out. It will provide an alternative to the usual Championship markets if anything.

If you’re in a less adventurous mood but still looking to construct the perfect bet given that you back yourself as a person in the know, then don’t hide your talent under a bushel. After all, you’ve been telling your mates all week that Unai Emery needs to play Nicolas Pepe as a number nine because he will score against Chelsea. So do everyone a favour and tweet #WhatOddsPaddy to find out what a hat-trick for the flying Frenchman will be priced at. 

Why limit it to sport though? Paddy Power is a broach church that keeps an eye on quite literally everything that goes on in the world. If you think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will name their next kid Piers or Katie, then get on the old smartphone and ask the good folks at Paddy Power just what the chances of that are. Have you never wondered what the odds are of Greta Thunberg buying a V8 monster truck as her first car are? Well, I put it to you that you have never lived if not. At the end of the day, if you never ask, you will never know. 

Paddy Power will then reply once your bet has been added to the site

Once the hard-working folk behind the scenes at Paddy Power have assessed your bet and given it a price, it will then be added to the site but not before tweeting you back to let you know that it has. You will then be able to find it on the #WhatOddsPaddy page so you don’t get confused. It won’t be under the usual Premier League markets or anything like that. Oh no, on the contrary, make your way to the #WhatOddsPaddy page and feast your eyes on the unrestrained creativity of like-minded punters like yourself. 

It is worth keeping in mind though that given the popularity of the #WhatsOddsPaddy it can sometimes take a while for your bet to be processed. So, if you’re looking to spin your magic for the big match on the weekend, make sure you do it towards the start of the week and not whilst Martin Tyler is shouting ‘And it’s Live’ before you do.

Place your requested bet

Once your confirmation comes through you will then be able to place your requested bet and, by doing so, begin living your best life once again. You will see it proudly displayed on the #WhatOddsPaddy page with the respective odds. From there, just add it to your bet slip along with your intended stake, and then with a bit of luck, wait for the good times to roll after placing it. 

There you have it, in the blink of an eye, you have gone from toeing the line to setting the pace. And to think we all used to consider the Top Goalscorer market in the Premier League the edgiest thing we had ever seen when it came to betting.

So if you’re partial to following in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra and prefer to do it your way then there is absolutely no doubt that Paddy Power’s #WhatOddsPaddy market is for you.

What do you think?