How to Place an Accumulator – A step-by-step guide

All of the biggest wins in betting history have come via accas.



The beauty of accumulators is that the odds of your selections are multiplied together to give a greater return, and all of the biggest wins in betting history have come via an acca.

Want to know more? Let Paddy Power show you how in five easy steps.

Step 1 – Get Yourself an Account

It goes without saying that if you want to place an accumulator bet with Paddy you’ll need an account with us.

Good news, friend: it only takes a few moments to register, and to reward you for your troubles we’ll even add a handy welcome bonus to your account to say hello.

Step 2 – Select Your Bet

markets for football accumulatorsDecisions, decisions. Here at Paddy Power we offer thousands of bets each and every day across all of the sports you know and love.

Your next job is working out exactly what it is you want to wager on. You can do this ‘manually’ by browsing the games listed in the Today, Popular, and Tournaments tabs, or let Paddy take the strain by picking from the ready-made accumulators on the Coupons page.

Step 3 – Click on the Odds and Add to Betslip

single bet on Paddy Power Website

When you have decided on your first selection, click on the odds next to it and the bet will be added to your betslip, which you can now see on-screen.

In this example, we have wagered upon Yeovil to defeat Hartlepool.

Step 4 – Repeat Step 3 until You have all Your Selections

How to place an accumulator with paddy power

Remember, an accumulator is a series of selections that are grouped into one bet.

You can place doubles, trebles or bigger multiples of four selections or more, and watch as your odds multiply in size.

Here, we’ve added Harrogate Town, a draw and Annan to our original pick of Yeovil to create a four-fold accumulator, simply by again clicking on the relevant odds displayed on-screen.

Step 5 – Enter Amount in the Accumulator Box and Click ‘Place Bet’

Now comes the time to actually place the bet.

Underneath all of your selections, you will see the Multiples section on your betslip.

Make sure you have ‘accumulator’ selected, and then enter the amount you wish to stake in the box. You will also see the accumulative odds displayed here, and how much you can hopefully win based on your odds multiplied by the stake size you choose.

Once you have entered your stake in the box, you will see the ‘place bet’ button light up at the bottom of your betslip.

Please remember to click this. Paddy isn’t all that keen on paying out on ‘winning’ bets that haven’t been placed because you got distracted by a roller-blading penguin on Insta before hitting that blue bet button.

Once all of these steps have been completed, all that is left is to cross every finger, toe, and appendage you have in the hope that your boys and girls bring home that tasty bacon for you.

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