Each-way Golf Betting Explained – How to Bet on Golf

Take advantage of Paddy's extra places on golf tournaments.



Betting on an outright winner in golf is exciting – but not necessarily always wise. The reason being is that the fields in golf are so vast, some 150 players can tee it up on any given weekend so to single out one player to win is a ballsy – although definitely not impossible – shout.

Obviously, that’s not to say that we don’t have a good idea who could win an event. Take the Masters for instance. A guy like Rory McIlroy is always going to be in the hunt for the Green Jacket, like his 2020 Masters odds suggest, but whether or not he can get it over the line is another matter, but there’s every chance that should he fall at the last hurdle, he might indeed finish in the top six which is why each-way golf betting is such a winner.

With that said, however, Augusta National is slowly becoming McIlroy’s kryptonite come to think of it so maybe he actually isn’t the best example given that the 24 handicap at your local course is likely to win the Masters before the Northern Irishman. With his Masters’ demons in mind, maybe we should all come to terms with McIlroy remaining a mystery for the duration of his career.

Anyway, enough with the condemning of an otherwise very likeable fella, the point stands about each-way betting though and it’s massive benefits.

How to Calculate an Each-Way Golf Bet

Essentially, the way to look at an each-way-golf bet is one bet to win and another bet to place all on the same slip. So let’s say you want to place a £10 each-way bet on Sergio Garcia to win the Open Championship next year at Royal St George’s. The fiery Spaniard is at odds of 50/1  to win in the latest 2020 Open Championship odds but enticingly, he is at odds of 10/1 to place in the top six as the place odds are 1/5 of any player’s outright odds.

So should Garcia pull off a win then you would walk away with a cool £620. But if he were to channel his inner Jean Van de Velde and crumble when victory looks the only option and finish between second and sixth, then you would claim £110 still. Which all things told, is better than a sharp poke to the eye and more than enough to replace the remote that is currently on top of the neighbour’s roof courtesy of a Garcia double bogey on the 72nd hole. 

Now, there are more ties in Golf than there are at a Christmas sale at Marks and Spencers. Obviously there can only be one winner but after that, the pack is about as bunched as a Neil Warnock defence at the Etihad. This means that should Garcia come tied third with four other players than you would divide the £10 each-way stake by four as well as the odds of 50/1, this would mean £2.50 multiplied by odds of 12.50 and that would give you a return of £31.25.

How to Place an Each-Way Golf Bet

placing each way bet on us masters 2020

Placing an each-way golf bet is the easy part.

  1. Simply head to the tournament of your choice 
  2. Find the player that you feel can get the business done. Once identified, click the odds beside their name
  3. Then tick the box that reads ‘EW’,
  4. Finally,  just enter in your stake and click ‘Place Bets’

There you have it, you are now covered in case your player does not finish on top of the pile so long as they don’t finish outside the top six.