Greyhound racing tips: The 4 ways to pick a winner revealed by Racing Post expert

Racing Post Greyhounds TV presenter Darrell Williams takes us through four ways you can pick a winner when you're watching the dogs.


A great man once said: “Every dog has his day.” Not a truer word spoken. It’s just about spotting which dog on which day – easy.

You might think it’s a lottery, but Racing Post Greyhounds TV presenter Darrell Williams knows otherwise.

And he’s duly given us these four top tips for how to pick a winner at the track.

1. Good draws win races

Look for the races when the runner in trap one is the only railer –  that’s a dog who prefers to run on the inside of the track. If every other dog has a ‘m’ for middle runner or ‘w’ for wide runner in brackets after its name, you’ve found the ideal race.

It’s the quickest route to success. Trust us.

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2. Young dogs win races

It’s a young dogs game, this. Look for puppies – that’s dogs who are not yet two years old. You’ll find the dog’s age on the right-hand side of the racecard.

Have they been winning races? There’s every chance they may still be improving. It’s a clear route to success.

3. Early speed wins races

Races often have multiple front-runners so look for the dog who will be finishing best.

That’s the one with the most ‘running on’ or ‘finishes well’ comments on the racecard.

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4. The fastest dog win races

This may sound obvious but it’s true. Look at the runners’ times on the right-hand side of the racecard – the asterisk shows its fastest run over the track and distance.

Compare it with the other runners to find the quickest dog in the race.

And there you have it. Four simple tips for picking a winner. No need to thank us now. Send a round of dominoes pizza’s into the trading floor and we’ll call it quits.


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