Golf each-way betting calculator: Paddy’s clever tool to help you work out dead heat winnings

Let the super computer take the strain.


You’ve studied the form, ranked the approach play, worked out if the Bermuda grass suits and you’ve made your selection.

Everything’s going to plan. Your each-way punt is in the top 10 heading down the back 9 and you’re dreaming of buying some clubs yourself and getting down the driving range.

But how much are you likely to pocket? Wonder no more as Paddy’s team of super nerds have been beavering away on our brand spanking new Dead Heat Calculator.


But what’s a Dead Heat Calculator we hear you cry! Basically, if your each-way selection is tied with an opponent, normally in golf tournaments, you can enter some key details and work out if you’re buying a whole set of clubs or a just second-hand putter.

If your guy or gal is dead heated your payout on each-way bets will depend on a number of things.

  • The player you backed
  • The odds you accepted when you placed the bet
  • The Each Way places offered when you placed the bet
  • The Each Way place terms (e.g 1/5 of the odds you took when you placed the bet)

Working out your winnings in the situation is nigh-on impossible unless you are Carol Vorderman, so Paddy’s herd of nerds have delivered a piece of tech to do the hard work for you.

You can now use our Golf Dead Heat calculator below to find out what your winnings are:


And here’s how you do it:

  • Just enter the position your player finished in the first box (if they finish T7 you would insert 7)
  • The number of players in that position in the next box (if five players finished T7 you would insert 5)
  • The number of places Paddy are paying out on in the third box
  • The fourth box (Place Dead Heat Reduction) will automatically adjust itself
  • Enter the odds you backed your golfer at, the place terms you took (e.g 1/3, 1/4, 1/5) and the amount you staked (for £5 e/w you would enter 5, not 10 as that is your total stake).
  • Sit back and let the magic happen

So there you go, you can work out your winnings in the same way our world-beating backend does.

And, go easy on the clubs. Golf’s bloody hard and, let’s be honest, you’ll probably only end up smashing them up and chucking them into the nearest lake.

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