Golf Tips: The 9 best bets for the 2021 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits

It's almost time for the USA and Europe to do battle once more.


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The Ryder Cup 2021 finally tees off on Friday to end the long wait for what is undoubtedly the most exciting event in the golf calendar. Here to help us bring the trophy back to Europe are Paddy’s golf trader Iain McLaughlin and golf tipster extraordinaire Ben Coley, who has popped over from Sporting Life.


The duo deliver their best best for the weekend spectacle at Whistling Straits with the hosts, USA, Paddy’s favourites in the markets. But, how do the lads think this is going to go and who’s going to be racking up the points?

Who’s going to win?

Ben: I think the odds are a decent representation of where we stand going in. I think the USA have a much stronger team on paper. They’re playing well too. Quite a lot of their team played their way in late which didn’t happen with Europe apart from Bernd Wiesberger who didn’t actually have to do much to get into the side.

I think USA have everything in their favour. Casual golf fans will have the impression that the Ryder Cup is this one-sided thing that Europe dominate but I don’t think that’s true in the US. Bad news I’m afraid, if I’m right about the Ryder Cup, because I think USA have no excuse here and they should win.

Iain: I’d echo Ben’s sentiments. The US team just looks strong from 1-12 while you can pick holes in Europe’s side and that tail end worries me now, especially going into singles.

USA are sending out 12 players who are in form while you could probably pick half a dozen European players who are out of form. I’d be right behind Ben there and say USA to Win. There are no excuses here.

Justin Thomas Golf player

Top USA points scorer

Iain: This is a tricky market but there’s one component I’ll be watching with interest throughout the week and that’s Bryson DeChambeau. Whistling Straits will really suit DeChambeau, especially in four balls where he can open up his shoulders and use that distance to his advantage. There are murmurings that he’ll play foursomes as well.

I think he’s a really good bet at the price but for my selection I’ll go for a more solid option and a player who I think is going to play all five matches and that’s Justin Thomas. He’s struck up a good rapport with Jordan Spieth in the past and I can’t see them not being put together. I think Thomas is a solid player and should go close.

Ben: I’m in agreement to be honest with you. I think the key in all of these markets when we’re talking about top scorers is to try and predict who’s going to play all five sessions and there’ll be some fluidity there, obviously.

Such is the strength of their team that they’re going to do some shifting as they go along but I think Justin Thomas is the most likely to play every session. He did so on debut in Paris and has found some form.

Top Europe points scorer

Ben: I will be going with Jon Rahm but I’ve got two in this market which I think is a really interesting one actually. Again, we’re looking for players who have played five times and Rory McIlroy has never missed a session in the Ryder Cup. I think he will go out in every session but I’ve had my fingers burnt by Rory too many times to have total faith in him.

I think Rahm has to play all five. Paddy’s mate Shane Lowry is value at a nice price if we’re confident that Rory will play all five I think he will start with him on Friday and if they win they could stick together all week. If Europe are to win then Shane has to have a good week.

Shane Lowry Palm Beach Honda Classic February 25, 2016

Iain: I really like Viktor Hovland here. He’s almost like the team Swiss Army Knife. He can play with anyone and is a really friendly person so he won’t have bad blood with anyone. He should have a good rapport with anyone he plays with.

His green game is really solid, I think Hovland has really solid components for a foursomes team. He’s a really solid bet.

Top combined points scorer

Iain: I’ll take two, one from each team. The first one is Justin Thomas who I’ve mentioned previously. He’s likely to play all five matches with Jordan Spieth. I think he won this market last time out in Paris where he won all five matches.

I think he’s a really solid option. It’s the same for my player on the European team, Viktor Hovland, I think he’ll play all five matches as well. He’s built for a Ryder Cup, he’s going to be an excellent foursomes player and at the price I think he’s a excellent each-way play.

Ben: I think there might be value with the Europeans here, I’m pro USA in generally, in a betting sense at least. A European can win this losing the Ryder Cup while I don’t think an American can win this on the losing side. I would be focusing on Europeans and I do think Jon Rahm is absolutely rock solid. He has to go five times for Europe.

He’s going to be one of the ones come the Sunday singles where things could get very difficult for Europe, he’s going to be odds on and you can’t say that for many of the European players. At a larger price, Shane Lowry is the saver.

Ben: USA
Iain: USA

Top USA Points Scorer
Iain: Justin Thomas
Ben: Justin Thomas

Top European Points Scorer
Ben: Jon Rahm, Shane Lowry
Iain: Viktor Hovland

Top Combined Points Scorer:
Iain: Justin Thomas, Viktor Hovland (E/W)
Ben: Jon Rahm Shane Lowry (E/W)

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