Paddy Power Golf Shootout: Watch Tommy Fleetwood v Harry Kane in best-of-three thriller

Harry Kane's never one to shirk a challenge, so when Tommy Fleetwood put it up to him for Paddy's Golf Shootout, there was only going to be one answer


Fair play to top golfer Tommy Fleetwood. Not only is he willing to go around with the shaggiest barnet a golf club’s seen since Miguel Angel Jimenez was in his cigar-puffing pomp, but he only went and threw the proverbial golfing gauntlet down to Sir Harold Kane, England and Tottenham goal-scorer extraordinaire.

Fearless compettitor that he is, the free-scoring forward was only too keen to oblige as part of the Paddy Power Golf Shootout.

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Both stars were part of a pro-am field packed full of famous names who did battle at the Centurion Club in Hertfordshire a couple of weeks ago – all at an appropriate social distance, naturally.


Paddy drew up the most devilishly difficult set of golfing challenges he could think of ahead of the much-anticipated shootout and, well, it’s fair to say we saw who the real pros and amateurs were.

Runner-up in last year’s Open, Fleetwood wasn’t backward in putting the pressure on his footballing foe in the build-up: “Hey @HKane, a little birdie says you rate yourself as a golfer. Let’s find out over three holes at the @paddypower Golf Shootout. #PPgolf”

He replied: “Depends how many shots you’re giving me! Look forward to it.”

And even if he felt the nerves tingling, his faithful manager – yes, Jose Mourinho himself – was there to offer moral support, and maybe a few psychological mind-game tricks, if needed.

But did the Spurs star need a helping hand? Or was Fleetwood firing when the two faced-off on course?

Here’s all the action from their epic 3-hole challenge.

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