Paddy Power Golf Shootout: Piers takes a tumble, Redknapp triumphant and Crouchie’s sexy swing

Well, that was rather enjoyable, wasn’t it?


The first-ever Paddy Power Golf Shootout has come to an end and we have a winner. Well, three winners. Our traders have been left scratching their heads as outside shot Jamie Redknapp stunned the field to beat five professional golfers and claim glory.

He won his Shootout group, which included Tommy Fleetwood and Thomas Bjorn, before beating Carly Booth 10-5 in the final.

Earlier in the day Piers fell off his chair Piers Morgan and world No.10 Tommy Fleetwood claimed glory in the challenges pairs, seeing off the duos of Andrew Flintoff and Beef, Thomas Bjorn and Redknapp and Crouchie and Paul McGinley.

Amazingly Piers fell off a chair Piers held his own and picked up some vital points for his team along the way, including a defining shot in the golf pong challenge.

Beef performed brilliantly in the Happy Gilmore driving challenge, thrashing the ball a good 250 yards, despite finding the trees to comprehensively take the points for his team.

You’d have thought Crouchie would have been good at the Golfing Goals challenge, what with him being a former professional striker who scored 22 goals for England and all. But no, the highlight of that round was our mate almost reducing Beef to tears with his maverick swing and effort that somehow came back off the post.

It got worse for poor old Crouchie in the next round as the players had to use junior clubs to get closest to the pin from the fairway. Here’s another video of Beef laughing at our man.

Piers fell off his chair went for a jog in the fastest to complete a hole challenge, and we thought it was as good as it was going to get in terms of trying to make the Good Morning Britain host look stupid. Still, it’s kind of mesmerising, this. Fascinating watching him go from a slow jog to even slower.

Harry Kane finally rocked up after the challenge pairs then decided to try and help us make some sweet, sweet memories by setting a world record. He was nowhere near as lethal with a club, a ball and two meters to cover as he is from the spot, but Tommy Fleetwood set the place off by (just about) sending in 16 to set a new World Record.

That was until Paul McGinley peed all over his chips and smashed home 19 putts in 60 seconds to take the crown and get his name in that bloody massive book.

It might be a good time to take a look at Piers’ typically gracious victory speech before we get into what happened in the Shootout round…

… and then it happened.

Piers Morgan fell off his chair. Piers bloody Morgan fell off a chair and the world rejoiced.

You’ve probably seen it about 50 times. But one more time can’t hurt, can it?

It’s the arms flailing and the little ‘oop’ as he starts to go that gets us. Fred enjoyed it. A lot.

Can’t really remember anything that happened after Piers Morgan fell off a chair, to be honest, but the Twitter account says Jamie Redknapp won. What? Jamie Redknapp won?

Anyway, it was a grand old occasion that raised a few bob for charity and saw one of the greatest events to ever happen on a golf course. Ever. Forget the Miracle of Medinah, it’s all about the Stacking at the Shootout from now on.

What do you think?