Shane Lowry: I talk to Padraig Harrington now and again and even he doesn’t know if there’ll be a Ryder Cup

Everyone's asking whether Team Europe v the USA will happen as planned in September.


It’s great that the Tour starts back in three weeks’ time with the Charles Schwab Challenge on June 11.

I was sort of struggling with staying motivated in the first few weeks of the lockdown as nobody really knew when we’d be back.

Even at the build up to the Players Championship in Florida last March we were saying, ‘yeah, it’s getting bad, but it should be all right. There’s no way they’ll cancel sport.

And then it gets cancelled after the first round and before we know it, we’re sitting in the house doing nothing!

Then the US Masters got cancelled, the US Open and it was all looking like that the whole season could have gone. It was looking  pretty gloomy.

Now at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel with the PGA Tour doing a fantastic job to get a schedule mapped out from next month.

But the big question everyone keep asking is whether the Ryder Cup will go ahead as planned this year. I’ve been asked about this quite a lot over the last while.

To be honest, I don’t know.

The latest sporting odds are on now

The season is due to be re-booted on June 11 but it will be behind closed doors. The plan is to have crowds back at the PGA Tour events, after five or six weeks or something like that.

If that happens and everything goes smoothly, I think the potential is there.

I talk to the European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington every now and then and even he doesn’t know for definite if there’ll be a Ryder Cup.

Nobody really knows what’s around the corner with this pandemic.

Things are changing from day-to-day and week-to-week, so you just have to go with the flow.

That’s what I’ll be doing as I countdown to getting back in the groove next month.


The latest sporting odds are on now

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