Watch: Shane Lowry v Paul Ince in Paddy’s Hole in One Challenge

So who do you reckon wins it?

Ince and Lowry


The day was great craic. Golf is very serious on the Tour at times, so to break it up with days like this is always welcome. Anytime Paddy is around it’s always a bit of fun too and Incey was in top form. It was my first time meeting him actually and he’s a very good golfer. He definitely plays off a lot lower than nine – despite what he claims!

I’m a Manchester United fan and he would have been on the great United teams when I started supporting them back in the ’90s. It was pretty cool to just meet someone like that and have a bit of banter.

Holes in One

I’ve had three holes in one in my career in competitions – five if you include a corporate day at Castlerock and the one (below) at the Par 3 competition at the US Masters in Augusta last year.

I can’t count it for tournament play, but it was very special as my daughter Iris was there to witness it as she was ‘caddying’ for me at the time.

My first came in Dubai a couple of years back and I was actually playing with Rory McIlroy. It was in the second round in about 2014, so that was fairly cool too.

Then I had one in the British Masters at Walton Heath two years ago but by far the most memorable one was definitely on the 16th hole at Augusta, in the final round in 2016.


The funny thing about that was my Mum was there and was following me around, but had enough after 15 holes and went back to the clubhouse.

She must have been thinking, sure, there’s nothing to see here.

Next minute, she hears the roar from the 16th green while she was making her way back to the clubhouse. Typical!


But hole-in-ones are quite rare. You don’t actually ‘go’ for them as such.

It all just depends how hard the hole is. Obviously, if it’s ‘easier’, you’ll try and hit it as low as you can. You’re always just trying to hit it as close as you can to make a birdie. If you get the magic number one, it’s happy days.

There’s always a bit of luck involved though.

Anyway, judge for yourselves (above) how myself and Incey got on trying to get a hole in one.

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