Watch: Shane Lowry says it like it is at the Nedbank Open and calls out Dylan Frittelli

That little rascal Dylan Frittelli is some chancer. Got away with it and all....


Shane Lowry’s chances of catching Sergio Garcia at the Nedbank Open in South Africa look dead and buried after carding a two over in his third round, leaving him now eight shots adrift of El Nino. But while he might not be coming home with the trophy, he will be coming home with a few extra fans today after saying what everyone on TV was thinking during an official ruling on Dylan Frittelli’s ball on the second hole.

Frittelli brought bending the rules to a new level when he struck his shot into the shrubs and looked for a free drop after trying to claim that a sprinkler was impeding his normal swing. Well, pretty much every viewer on TV didn’t buy it – and either did Lowry. See for yourself:

Frittelli, the little rascal, got his free drop but karma came-a-lookin’ when he carded a three over, seven. Take that Fritters! Lowry, meanwhile, walked away with a 30 foot bird. ‘Cool as f*ck’ – I think – is what they say in South Africa.

Meanwhile, while we’re on the Nedbank, we really did enjoy the caddie chat with Wu Ashun. If that was any one of us, we’d be taking that 5 iron straight into the tree. You don’t pay them the big bucks for nothing those caddies.

Some good odds on Sergio to be caught over at


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