Augusta Windfall! The results and winners from our US Masters Fantasy Game

Here are how things panned out with the points after 'Popular' Patrick Reed stormed to victory in the US Masters last week...


Well, that’s it for the US Masters for another year.

In the end, Paddy Reed held his nerve to keep Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth at bay, spawning a host of ‘Why is Patrick Reed so hated?’ Google searches worldwide.

You might remember that we were running a fantasy game on the tournament, titled ‘Augusta Windfall’. First prize is a £250 free bet, second prize a £100 free bet and third prize £50.

The top three combinations, perhaps unsurprisingly, all involved Popular Pat, who was part of ‘Group B’. Here they are, in order:

  1. Rickie Fowler (Group A, -14), Patrick Reed (Group B, -15), Russell Henley (Group C, -5). Total Combined Score: (-34).
  2. Jordan Spieth (Group A, -13), Patrick Reed (Group B, -15), Russell Henley (Group C, -5). Total Combined Score: (-33).
  3. Rickie Fowler (Group A, -14), Patrick Reed (Group B, -15), Francesco Molinari (Group C, -2). Total Combined Score: (-31).

Only one entrant picked the winning combination – Matthew Y, who duly mopped up the first prize £250 free bet.

Four entrants – Diarmuid M, Martin W, Michael W, Brian L – picked the Spieth-Reed-Henley combo, meaning that second and third prize would come from that group with the third-place combo consequently discounted, as per the rules of the competition. As all four were dead-heated, a draw was made, with Diarmuid M taking second prize from that quartet.

However, we felt bad that two of the four would miss out completely, so we awarded each of the remaining three the third prize of a £50 free bet.

Congratulations to all our winners, and watch out for more competitions over the coming weeks and months.

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