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Watch: Golfer calmly tap alligator’s tail to move him off course

He’s a brave and possibly crazy man…


Meet PGA Tour professional Cody Gribble, unless you’re really into your golf you’ve probably never heard of him until now.

Gribble wasn’t having a great start to his round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida when he walked down the 6th fairway to be confronted by a massive alligator sunbathing itself near the water.

Instead of ignoring the beast and walking in the opposite direction, Gribble causally went up to it with his hand in his pocket.

If it was us in those white pants he was wearing they would have been brown at this stage, but the golfer seemed to know what he was doing and tapped the gator on his huge tail.

Amazingly it worked and the reptile leaped into the water rather than biting his hand off Happy Gilmore-style. You can watch the video for yourself below:

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