Ryder Cup 2016: What happened behind the scenes as Piers Morgan declared he’s supporting the USA

Take a look at what happened behind the scenes when Piers Morgan declared that his Ryder Cup 2016 allegiances would lie with America


There aren’t many people who are partisan about Europe, or golf for that matter, and on the face of it we should give as much of a shite about the European Ryder Cup team as we do about the challengers on Eggheads. However, whether it’s down to Sky shoving it down our throats or bandwagon jumping every two years we all go #TeamEurope crazy for a weekend.

All this makes the event ripe for the piss take which is why we had it in our crosshairs from the start of the year.

When we landed on the concept of making of pro-USA Ryder Cup video the next step was to filter through the names of individuals that we felt could nail the delivery.

They needed to relevant, divisive and have that special “WTF factor”. We went through a list of names until somebody mentioned Piers Morgan.

‘But he’s not American’ came the reply.

‘Who cares, he pretty much lives there, is the definition of human marmite and has the self-awareness to be happy to take the mick out of himself’. Sold! (and we couldn’t afford Patrick Stewart)

The Ryder Cup tees off on Friday with the US looking to win their first title since way back in 2008. Despite being the dominant force in recent years it’s Europe who enter this year’s fixture as the 19/10 underdogs with the USA available at skinny odds of 4/7 to end their drought.

On the day of the shoot we were greeted in London by a cabby who had a tattoo of the Spurs badge taking a dump on the Arsenal crest.

‘So what has you lads in London’ he asked.

‘Funnily enough we’re here to do a video with Arsenal’s no.1 fan – Piers Morgan’ said my boss.

‘Piers bloody Morgan” came the reply “Will you do me a favour and tell him that I called him a dickhead?’. Neither of us had the courage to carry out this request.

We arrive at the course and are introduced to Piers by Lewis who’s our UK based colleague with an aversion to socks.

Despite being up since 3am for his slot on GMB the former Britain’s Got Talent judge is in cracking form and greets us:

‘Hello chaps, pleasure to meet you. Are you from Dublin?’

‘Not at all, I’m from Galway’, I replied.

‘Oh fantastic, I was born in Galway before I moved to Offaly’ came the reply.

This was an interesting piece of trivia that I wasn’t aware of, clearly I don’t read enough Hello!. Once I recovered from the shock of a Galweigian using the word “chaps” we continued our chat with Piers revealing that he’s looking to make his first trip next year for race week.

I’m already looking forward to him tweeting about the hijinks in Supermac’s.

So what is he like? In many ways exactly as you’d expect – engaging, articulate and super opinionated. Most of the downtime was taken up with chats about the ills of Arsenal’s current crop (this was before the Chelsea demolition) and reminiscing about the brilliance of the invincibles.

On set, he was a total pro, really getting into it and showing a level of method acting that would make Daniel Day Lewis look like Freddie Prinze Jr. He was enthusiastic throughout and even rewrote a couple of lines of script that he felt would fit better.

Most impressively however was that he managed to trade blows on Twitter with Gary Lineker, Matthew Pinsent and Katie Hopkins between takes in a Twitter spat on the British public celebrating coming second.

Best of all, I managed to get a solid photo with one of the most divisive celebs in the land. The idea was for this snap to give my Tinder profile the shot in the arm it needs before we head into the dark winter months but unfortunately all I’ve gotten out of it to date is jibes about how large our nipples are.

You can’t win them all I guess.

What do you think?