Ryder Cup 2016: Watch Piers Morgan reveal he’s backing the USA

As if you needed another reason to get behind Europe at the Ryder Cup - Britain’s biggest motormouth Piers Morgan has revealed that he’s backing America


That’s right, Piers Morgan loves America, and America loves him – or so he says.

With Ryder Cup fever sweeping across Europe, the nation’s most divisive public figure is supporting the States in golf’s showpiece event – thanks partly to the UK’s decision to leave the E.U. in this summer’s referendum.

In a possible attempt to rebuild Morgan-American relations after he was famously chased out in 2014, Piers dons the stars and stripes, and claims he’s as American as a “doughnut-guzzling, monster truck driving, Second Amendment-loving cowboy” for Ryder Cup week.

Piers Morgan said, ‘I owe some of my fondest memories to the mighty U S of A – judging America’s Got Talent, having my own prime time chat show, and even being publicly reviled for questioning their gun laws.

‘And it makes no sense, if Britain doesn’t want to be a part of the EU, why it should support Team Europe in the Ryder Cup?

‘They’ve been Trump-ed by America. I’m shooting for the USA all the way. And, hey, if my old mentor Donald Trump gets into power, maybe I’ll be back-in their living rooms every Saturday night, too.’


Paddy Power himself said, ‘If the annoying, over-the-top cries of ‘get in the hole’ from our friends across the pond wasn’t a good enough reason to support the blue side in the Ryder Cup, we thought exposing Morgan as Team USA’s biggest fan would be the perfect deterrent – and help drum up more support for Team Europe.’

What do you think?