Owen Mulligan: Kieran McGeeney just exploded and his rant was surreal

The Tyrone legend speaks on the Armagh’s managers post-Championship exit comments and attacks Cork’s showing against his native county…

I have huge respect for Kieran McGeeney, but he has to come in for a bit of criticism when he’s been put out of the Ulster Championship for so many years as Armagh manager.

There’s a bit of a split in Armagh between Crossmaglen and other teams. It’s a club v county situation that most counties don’t have to deal with, so he has it hard.

However, you go on to social media and you see people saying “great year” and “well done” and I’m saying to myself “am I missing something here?”

There’s no trophy on the table or silverware in the cabinet. Armagh are still living off that 2002 All-Ireland team and the glory days of six Ulster titles.

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Moaning McGeeney

McGeeney came in to try and rebuild them, but then he comes out after the close loss to Roscommon and gives out about pundits and journalists.

These people are entitled to their opinions and they’re entitled to slate him. He hasn’t produced what Armagh fans want, he hasn’t won Championship games in Ulster and they were put out by Fermanagh this year.

He takes it personally, far too personally. To come out and say what he did made him look like a man under pressure who had finally hit boiling point.

I reckon he just exploded. To come out with that rant was surreal, but with every beating he does something like this. It’s made headlines for all the wrong reasons and if he could concentrate on winning games instead of giving out, he’d be in a far better place.

They went through the back door and they’re very good at Qualifiers, but they’re missing something in Ulster and Armagh people want to see their team back in provincial finals and back competing for silverware.

The league campaign wasn’t bad, but he’s been there for years now and it’s a big ask to turn things around. He stayed at Kildare for a long time and he only won a Division 2 title with them.

How many years are Armagh going to give him if he doesn’t deliver trophies?

Cork looked like they wanted to go on the beer

I couldn’t believe what I saw in Portlaoise last Saturday. When I was playing Cork they had the likes of Canty, O’Leary and Shields, they were matchwinners and proud Cork men to put on the jersey.

It seems to me that the small ball has taken over now. You read there about all the hurling on the county board.

They didn’t get promotion out of Division 2. In fact, they were lucky not to be relegated, and then they got absolutely smashed by Kerry by 17 points.

After a result like that you’d expect some response, but they go out and lose by 16 to Tyrone, that’s some scoring.

The whole set-up should be embarrassed, not just the team.

A manager can only do so much, I thought the players looked as though they didn’t want to be there. They were lethargic, there were no leaders in the team and absolutely zero self-belief.

We’re used to Cork having swagger, they’re widely known for it – but there was none of that there. They looked a beaten docket as soon as they came out.

Take the Conor McAliskey’s goal, I never seen anything like it.

He was allowed to buzz in without anyone touching him, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

They were in the game for the first 10 minutes and had two goal chances, but then they did nothing. It was a total disgrace.

There were no hands, no shoulder tackles and no body contact.

They looked like a bunch of footballers who just wanted to get the game over with and go on the beer.

They seemed to have lost everything that made them a serious team.

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