Colm O’Rourke has dug out a 9/1 accumulator to keep the GAA weekend entertaining


The Dubs are dominating, but there's some value in the lower division

Meath GAA Legend and current pundit Colm O'Rourke gives us his thoughts on the weekend's action in the top division

We’ve had a nice week off from the football, and with a couple of tasty looking ties this weekend, I’ve picked out a 9/1 Sunday accumulator of Fermanagh, Donegal, Westmeath and Offaly. That’s three home wins for three favourites, and Fermanagh who are firing well to win away.

Division One

Dublin vs Monaghan – Saturday 7pm

Dublin have traditionally given   Monaghan a bit of a hiding in Croke Park more often than not. I don’t think that’s going to change. Monagahan will have to hope for the best and to catch the Dubs on the breakaway.

Dublin showed last week that they can beat anyone, in any conditions. Mayo were hoping the wind and rain in Castlebar would help, but it didn’t. They’ve still got 7 or 8 starters to come back in as well. Seven or eight points would be the prediction. I’d be looking for Paddy Andrews for first goalscorer at 13/2.

Donegal vs Mayo – Sunday 2pm

Donegal are the leading team in the country now, top of Division One with four points and only appear to be getting stronger. They’ve got a scoring difference of +27. The days of negative football may be gone for the Tir Chonail men. An absolute annihilation of Cork helped that greatly. May odid put up a fight against Dublin but ran into a scoring drought. Donegal are good odds at 4/7, the punters should be piling on.

Cork vs Roscommon – Sunday 2pm

Cork were beaten well by Donegal, and Roscommon managed to do what the Rebels haven’t done in a long long time – beat Kerry in their own backyard. However, it’s always difficult to turn over Cork when they’re at home, and an expectant crowd will want a backlash after the Donegal destruction. Cork to beat the handicap at evens.

Down vs Kerry – Sunday 2pm

Bottom of the table clash, and one that Kerry have to win in order to have any hope of staying in the top division. They’ve diced with death in the last couple of years and just escaped, but they need to get the finger out now on Sunday in Newry. I think they will. Kerry win at 4/9.



Armagh vs Fermanagh – Saturday 7pm


Armagh have no points, Fermanagh have two after impressively taking down Meath. So I think Paddy’s got the odds wrong on this one, I think Fermanagh are better value than 7/4 suggsets. Armagh are missing more players than they were in the last game. I’d be backing Fermanagh to take advantage. Fermanagh win at 7/4.

Laois vs Tyrone – Sunday 2pm

Tyrone, like Derry, look to be in a good position to return to Division One. Laois, not so much. Away win at 4/9.

Meath vs Cavan – Sunday 2pm

This one is not going to be good for the football purists. We know Cavan’s style of football, it’s defensive, it’s close and tight. This will be low-scoring. A draw would not be out of the question, but the home advantage should be enough for Meath to squeeze out the win. Meath win at 10/11.

Derry vs Galway – Sunday 2pm

Derry are almost impossible to beat in Celtic Park these days, and I can’t see Galway bucking the trend. They did get a good win over Laois already, and tested Tyrone, but Derry are looking good for a swift return to Division One. Derry win at 4/7.


What do you think?