World Cup sweepstake kit: Print or download Paddy’s Qatar 2022 handy pack

There's just some traditions FIFA can't ruin.


Qatar, Iran, Costa Rica. Just three teams you’re guaranteed to pull out of the hat for the office World Cup sweepstake.Are the good teams ever in there?

If they are we’ve never seen them – until now!

Gather around and grab your best coin-rattling mug as we present Paddy Power’s World Cup 2022 sweepstake to download or print off right now. All the big boys are in there, Paddy’s checked twice himself, but the Quality Control team have insisted he remove the Republic of Ireland after he snuck them in there.

Unlike the host-nation selection process, everything is above board with Paddy’s sweepstake and all the teams from Australia to Uruguay are duly represented.

Sure, it’s cold and dark and very much not the summer, but it’s World Cup time so that also means it’s sweepstake time.

There’s nothing like cheering on Ghana or South Korea in the faint hope they’ll knock out Brazil in the last 16 and start a sensational run to glory with your cash kitty on the line.

So corral your colleagues and pester your pals, be the office hero and get Paddy’s World Cup 2022 sweepstake kit printed off and filled out. Not long to go now!

Want to try something more modern? Why not check out our super high-tech (promise!) Digital World Cup Online Sweepstake Generator.


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