Premier League Predictions: Mark Lawrenson takes on Paddy Power punter in £/€50 challenge

Lawro was just getting his eye in last weekend so you better watch out.


Soccer soothsayer Mark Lawrenson returns to Paddy Power News for round two of his new Premier League tipping competition.

Last weekend Mr Paddy Power bluffed his way to the narrowest of victories over our Lawro but with 90 minutes of competitive action under his belt it won’t be so easy for his opposition time around.

So what’s the craic? Each week one of Paddy’s punters will go head-to-head with the all-seeing former Liverpool defender to predict the outcome of all 10 Premier League games that weekend.


The rules are pretty simple: We’ll award 1 point for a correct result and 3 points for a correct score. Oh, and if our challenger beats Lawro’s score we’ll be dishing out £/€50 as a prize. If they don’t win it’s good news for the next contender as the money rolls over!

First up to try and take down our predictions maestro is Paddy punter Tom from Doncaster. He’s a big Middlesbrough fan who claims Juninho is the best Brazilian to grace the Premier League. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Tom’s come out fighting, vowing to ‘send Lawro back into retirement’. Let’s get down to business then, and see those score predictions…

Saturday 12.30pm (BT Sport)

LAWRO: Steven Gerrard’s under a bit of pressure because at the end of last season and the start of this one, he’s not done very well. The problem with Everton, as we saw last week, without a striker they’re so toothless. They’re going to have to play on the break at Villa. I’m going to go for 2-0 to Villa.

TOM: Aston Villa 1-1 Everton

  • RESULT: Aston Villa 2-1 Everton

Arsenal v Leicester

Saturday 3pm

LAWRO: I was impressed with Arsenal at Crystal Palace, I thought they were lively and really on it. The Leicester situation is a little bit worrying, everybody’s queuing to buy their players but they don’t seem to be able to get anyone else’s which isn’t great for Brendan Rodgers. The thing with Arsenal is that they’ve started brightly and they need to keep going. I’m going to go 2-1 to Arsenal. 

TOM: Arsenal 2-0 Leicester

  • RESULT: Arsenal 4-2 Leicester

Brighton v Newcastle

Saturday 3pm

LAWRO: Brighton were outstanding against Man United, I loved the way they were so attacking in how they set up. They kept the ball extremely well and could have won by more. Newcastle had a good start as well with a routine win against Nottingham Forest, who were stubborn for a while but that first goal changed the complexion of the game. Brighton aren’t really known for winning at home so I’ll take a 1-1 draw.

TOM: Brighton 3-1 Newcastle

  • RESULT: Brighton 0-0 Newcastle

Manchester City v Bournemouth

Saturday 3pm

LAWRO: It was a fab win for Bournemouth last weekend and they were worried about not signing any players. Erling Haaland’s hit the ground running at Manchester City, he just looks like a beast doesn’t he? I’m going to go 4-0 to City here. I would think Haaland would get at least two. He’s a big old piece of kit, he’s lightning quick and it doesn’t take him long to get into his stride.

TOM: Man City 4-0 Bournemouth

  • RESULT: Man City 4-0 Bournemouth

Southampton v Leeds

Saturday 3pm

LAWRO: I’m worried about Southampton already. They took the lead at Tottenham and got turned over which wasn’t good. While they’ve tried to strengthen I don’t think they’re going to be strong enough and I think they’ll be down in the bottom six. Leeds had a really good win after being 1-0 down and Brenden Aaronson looks lively. I’m going to go 2-0 to Leeds.

TOM: Southampton 1-2 Leeds

  • RESULT: Southampton 2-2 Leeds

Wolves v Fulham

Saturday 3pm

LAWRO: Fulham were excellent against Liverpool. People have been asking me, ‘What happened to Liverpool?’ They were sluggish but Fulham were very, very good indeed. Wolves took the lead and had lots of possession against Leeds but they didn’t really create lots of opportunities. As they’re at home here, though, I’ll go 2-0 to Wolves.

TOM: Wolves 1-0 Fulham

  • RESULT: Wolves 0-0 Fulham

Brentford v Manchester United

Saturday 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

LAWRO: Brentford did well coming back to get a 2-2 against Leicester but Manchester United, apart from the first 10 minutes, were basically a shambles in their 2-1 loss to Brighton last weekend. It’s going to be a massive task for Erik ten Hag, they didn’t even look fit. A lot of them didn’t seem to know what they were doing and what their role was in the team. With a new manager you hope that might have been nailed down. Brentford fought back really well at Leicester and are a well drilled side. I’ll go 1-1 here.

TOM: Brentford 1-3 Man Utd

  • RESULT: Brentford 4-0 Man United

Nottingham Forest v West Ham

Sunday 2pm (Sky Sports)

LAWRO: West Ham were short of defenders against Man City and were turned over in the end. Forest were competitive at Newcastle without really making opportunities and looking like scoring. The place will be full, it will be rocking, and a lot will depend on West Ham defensively. I’m going to go for a 2-1 Forest Win.

TOM: Forest 1-0 West Ham

  • RESULT: Forest 1-0 West Ham

Chelsea v Tottenham

Sunday 4.30pm (Sky Sports)

LAWRO: Chelsea were good enough at Everton, they just about deserved to win although they’re short up front at the moment. For Spurs. after the early shock, it could have been anything in the end against Southampton. They don’t like each other these two which is always good to watch, and we’ve got Antonio Conte back at the Bridge. I’m going to go for a 2-1 Win for Spurs.

TOM: Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

  • RESULT: Chelsea 2-2 Spurs

Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Monday 8pm (Sky Sports)

LAWRO: I think Palace were a little bit unlucky against Arsenal. They had chances at 1-0 down which they should have taken. They’re just a good watch, Palace. Patrick Vieira’s done a really good job there. Liverpool were sluggish against Fulham but they’ve had another week of hard training so I’ll go 2-0 to Liverpool.

TOM: Liverpool 3-0 Palace

  • RESULT: Liverpool 1-1 Palace


After our very own Paddy Power got the better of Lawro last week in an 8-7 victory, Lawro ended up clawing back his pride – well, sort of – this time around with a 7-7 draw with our punter Tom this week.

It was neck-and-neck going into Monday’s clash at Anfield with Tom needing a 3-0 win for the Reds to beat Lawro and land the loot. However, the surprise 1-1 draw means both were incorrect with their predictions and scored no points on the game.

However, under our countback system, Tom was declared the winner due to having two correct scores to Lawro’s one. There’s £50 soon whizzing over to your account, Tom.


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