Neil Warnock tells social team: ‘You’ve got to f**king die to get 3 RTs’ ​

Is there a flying teacup emoji?


Neil Warnock left his social team under no illusions what he expects from them during a fiery first meeting, Paddy Power News understands.

The 73-year-old took over the reins of a Twitter account on Tuesday and immediately called a team meeting during which he laid down the law.

Warnock made clear the standards and work ethic he demands from his teams during an expletive-laden rant in a Cornish coffee shop.

Stunned patrons looked on in disbelief as the Yorkshireman took off his sweater and tore into each individual team member.

‘You forgot to put the f**king hashtag in that! Didn’t ya, ya silly b*ll*cks?’ Warnock screamed at a digital content executive.

‘And you, you were supposed to proofread the f**king tweet’, he yelled, while jabbing his finger into the department manager’s face.

‘It’s f**king trending and we didn’t put the hashtag in? F**king hell, f**king hell, I need to lie down’.

‘You can’t just type 280 characters of any old b*llocks and expect to tweet a banger!’

‘You’ve got to f**king die to get 3 retweets’.

‘Now get out there and show our followers what they paid good money to see… what you mean it’s f**king free?’

‘Well, get out there anyway and show our followers and the wider internet community we can compete with the banter of your Peter Crouchs and Andy Robertsons of this world wide web’.

Eyewitnesses claim the former Sheffield United boss concluded his tirade by throwing a plate of tray bakes against the wall and storming off the premises.

He returned momentarily to lift a Biscoff Blondie off the floor before making a second exit.

Meanwhile, Paddy Power News understands Elon Musk has temporarily banned Warnock for the outburst and the ex-Cardiff boss will now miss his side’s first 30 tweets of next season.

*Paddy Power News football coverage is 100% fake news – honest*


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