McGregor in line for Liverpool specialist punching coach after Alisson howler ​

Could do with a few pointers...


Following a 3-2 defeat at the London Stadium to high flying West Ham, Jurgen Klopp has moved quickly to ensure his side’s title challenge remains on track by recruiting several specialist coaches to work closely with his players over the coming weeks.


The most notably arrival to the Liverpool backroom staff is that of MMA superstar Conor McGregor, who is understood to be on a four-day-a-week contract where his sole role will be to teach flapping goalkeeper Alisson Becker the art of punching.

After demonstrating the strength and conviction of a baby deer and displaying handling that looked like his fingers had been replaced with sausages, Alisson, who was completely responsible for West Ham’s opening goal is said to be “pumped” about the unusual training methods he is about to embark upon.

“I’ve heard McGregor warms up for fights by punching the heads off mannikins in Marks & Spencer. Shoppers have witnessed first-hand McGregor directing a tirade of trash talk at a faceless, lifeless mannikin made of fibreglass, dressed in the latest seasonal fashion to encourage sales from middle-aged women, before ferociously punching its head clean off and doing a silly walk around the store as though he’s won a title fight.

“I dunno, maybe it works? Maybe I’ll respond well to this type of leadership” Alisson said on hearing the news.

Sitting fourth in the table and four points from leaders Chelsea, Klopp has not wasted any time in bringing in the big guns to ensure success is achieved on the pitch.

The Liverpool boss spoke exclusively to Paddy Power News about any potential benefits these changes could bring.

“I expect Conor will have a positive influence on Alisson in more areas than just on the field” confirmed Klopp.

“I want my goalkeeper slagging off the wives and mothers of the opposition in the pre-match press conference, doing that really funny arm warm-up thing that Conor does, and ultimately walking around the place being a massive d*ck. Once he nails these aspects, I’m convinced he will then command his penalty area and not only punch the ball, but burst it when it comes anywhere near him.”

Third-party specialist coaching is, however, not a new thing for Premier League clubs, with several top managers and players already signed up to the modern-day practice. Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson was a huge advocate of the process, having brought in Daniel LaRusso better known as the Karate Kid, to coach Eric Cantona in the mid-90s, as well as Olympic diver Tom Daley to coach Ashley Young between 2011-2013.

Paddy Power News understands Antonio Conte is looking to bring in a nursery school-aged child to retrain Harry Kane on the art of walking, running and genuinely trying to do anything of note on a football field.


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