Football Tips: Our trader’s 3/1 super enhanced best bet for Sunday’s Premier League games

Paddy's top football trader Jason Murphy has goals on the brain ahead of the final day of the season in the Premier League on Sunday.


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Don’t say we don’t spoil you. Jason Murphy’s been crunching the numbers and has come up with a lovely little wager to keep you in the game right up until the 90th minute on Sunday. Paddy’s top football trader thinks we’re in for some madness on the final day of the strangest season ever.


In fact, Jason thinks we could be in for an absolute goal fest as players dream of their summer holidays or Euro 2020 spot. So, here’s the big man to talk you through his special, super-enhanced final-day punt.

Over 35 goals in the Premier League on Sunday

With any bet we’re looking for value and entertainment, and the great thing about this bet is that it’s going to last for the full 90 minutes across all 10 games. Every game is going to count until the last second.

The bet is 35 or more goals across Sunday’s Premier League fixtures. Why I think it’s a good bet, not just from an entertainment point of view, is that normally, if you look at the last five Premier League seasons, you can expect an average of 27 goals across the 10 games every week.

But get to the last day of the season and some weird things happen. You actually see, on average, about 34 goals on the final day. So it’s an increase of about seven goals that we see on the final round of fixtures.

The theory behind that is that defenders have their flip flops on, they’re ready to go on holidays. Strikers are chasing goals bonuses and the bottom line is that no one wants to get injured. You don’t want to be sitting on the beach with you leg in a cast. Defenders don’t make those last-ditch tackles, strikers get through when they don’t normally.

We’re going to see a glut of goals, we always do, and some crazy results. We saw Bournemouth v Palace finish 5-3, we saw Spurs v Hull finish 7-1 and even Newcastle beating Spurs 5-1. All these were in the last five seasons and all on the final day.

We all want to see plenty of goals, we all want to be entertained and I’m pretty sure we will be this Sunday. I think there’s a chance we could see Over 35 Goals in the Premier League on Sunday.

* All prices are bang up to date with our snazzy widgets, while odds in copy are accurate at time of publishing but subject to change.


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