Football tips: West Brom can pile misery on Tottenham in our 3 best bets

Our tipster Andrew Cunneen previews this battle of two very out of form sides.


It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong for Spurs, hasn’t it?

Early-season, they were the vehicle to Jose Mourinho’s rebirth, a breath of fresh air and definitive proof that you don’t need to keep possession in order to compete for a Premier League title. Well, it turns out they were right. You don’t need the ball to compete for a Premier League title – for six weeks.

A few months on, and Spurs don’t even have the best Ben Davies in the league anymore. It’s been quite a slippery slope. Their loss to Chelsea on Thursday also means that they’re now in danger of finishing second in the ‘Which of the North London Clubs Can Look Less Pathetic This Year?’ cup, as they lie just two points ahead of Arsenal whose season was written off in October.

Tottenham v West Brom, Sunday: 12pm
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Then there’s Big Sam, who, as a worker of miracles on a regular basis, is now tasked with navigating his way through relegation trouble with the least talented crop he’s ever had – and that’s saying something.

Given his chief attacking threat is six-foot-four Semi Ajayi who plays at centre half, you do have to sympathise to some degree. Could this be one of the worst games of football you’ll watch all season? Every chance.

Here’s three bets for you to maintain interest.

The Short-price punt: Under 2.5 Goals

You might not think this is safe, but there’s a semblance of a dinosaur trying to open a door about these two attempting creativity in the final third. Yes, it has happened – but every time it does, it’s made out to be a box office smash that’s repeated every single minute of the day.

There has not been genuine productivity since Harry Kane has gone down for Jose’s men and when you can focus all your energy on keeping Son on his weaker side, they’re just that bit unpredictable. West Brom will take a point here, so don’t be expecting them to come out and commit men forward. They’ve seen how to frustrate Spurs now, and that’s to play at about 40% of your capacity and still rob a point.

Value punt: West Brom – Draw No Bet

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s overly likely that they land the points here, but at the price with an insurance policy in your back pocket, I think you can do far worse than defaulting on Sam Allardyce getting a big result away from home, don’t you?

Their three best performances this season have come away from home – against Wolves, Man City and Liverpool. So it’s clear that when there’s elevated intensity to a game, his players react.  This one fits that bill, too.

Long Shot: Semi Ajayi to Score First

I wasn’t actually joking when I said he was their chief attacking threat. Earlier in the season it may have been a case that Spurs would pick him up from set-pieces and be drilled enough to counter his presence.

But that’s when they were winning, and there’s nothing enjoyable about blocking a giant of a man who’s presumably about fourteen stone when you don’t think it’ll benefit you anyway. Ballon d’Or incoming.

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Tottenham v West Brom tips

The Short-price punt: Under 2.5 Goals
Value punt: West Brom – Draw No Bet
Long Shot: Semi Ajayi to Score First

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