Football tips: Wolves and Tottenham set for stalemate in Sunday’s late game

Will Spurs be hungry like the Wolves?


If, by now, you’re still suffering a food hungover, you only have yourself to blame. It’s the late kick-off on December 27th – honestly, how many sausage meat and turkey breast sambos did you consume over the last 48 hours?

Much like your recent consumption, Spurs’ current form will be tough to swallow for Jose Mourinho who was, less than a fortnight ago, being called the second coming of.. well.. himself. Now, it’s all gone Pete Tong and Spurs have gone from ‘game managers’ to ‘a unit that lack any impetus’. I like the fickle nature of football, honestly – you need a touch of cynicism at this time of year. And a drop of Gaviscon of course.

Wolves v Tottenham, Sunday December 27: 7.15pm
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And Wolves? Well, I know this year really has the league up in a heap in terms of where teams stand, but the Molineux club might be the only one I’ve considered both the best in the league and the very worst for respective 30-minute spells. Losing to Burnley is the lowest this season gets, and that’s where Wolves find themselves.

But does a wounded animal in Spurs who can’t muster their own opportunities prove to be the ideal prey for this hungry pack?

Jose Mourinho

Goalless Draw

Sorry to say, especially as this time of year is all about giving, but these two managers may well try to press reset and give up precisely zilch. For Spurs, their impressive run of defensive performances now looks more of a retro recap than an identity, while the boys from the Black Country have shipped 19 times to date, having only conceded 40 in total in last year’s campaign.

A positive result for Wolves here is a draw, and it’s the clear lack of accepting that which propelled them last year to the heights we now default to for them. But that mentality has to change or they’ll be in trouble. They simply don’t have the firepower to outscore teams anymore, and that much has been obvious – even with the return of Raul Jimenez.

The Draw

There’s now an ingrained level of expected doom with these two isn’t there? I don’t trust either of them to close out games they have in hand – more to give up the impetus to the opposition late in a game. And if you don’t fancy the scoreless draw punt from above due to the clear danger presented by Son and Kane, then maybe you’d prefer this smaller price.

Late on in this game, with the scores level, who do you think push men forward: Spurs, who don’t want the ball, or Wolves, who know Spurs will only score if they overload? Exactly.

Harry Kane to Have 2 or More Shots on Target

Yes, please. Given that he’s not on corner duty anymore from back in his England days under Roy Hodgson, he’s actually managed to become quite a nuisance in the box from set-pieces this year – increasing his value in these markets. Wolves generally defend deep, and Kane can hit them off either side. He’s never too far away either for you to feel like you’ve thrown a bet away.

Wolves v Tottenham tips

Correct Score: 0-0
The Draw
Harry Kane to Have 2 or More Shots on Target


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