Razor Ruddock: I really did wee myself against Arsenal – Steven Gerrard couldn’t believe it

You won't find this technique in any textbook

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Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock was never one to stick entirely within the rules during his eventful playing career, and the ex-Southampton, Tottenham and Liverpool defender certainly raises eyebrows with some of the stories from his time at the top. The former centre-back would do anything to put his opponents off, even if it meant pushing the boundaries of taste and decency!

Speaking to Ruby Walsh and Paddy Power on the latest episode of our From The Horse’s Mouth podcast, Ruddock revealed a unique way of keeping himself warm while on the pitch and simultaneously putting his rivals off – much to the disbelief of a young Steven Gerrard.

There is this rumour that I p*ssed myself playing for Liverpool against Arsenal near Christmas time – and yeah, course I did. It warms yourself up!

Honestly, the worst thing is coming out cold, especially after half time. Those days, we only had one kit room and you didn’t have a change of kit.

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So, you used to get soaking in the first half, go in, sit in the warm, come back out and you’d be freezing. So, then you used to wee yourself, and that used to warm you up.

Ruby says maybe I should have moved around more on the pitch, but when you’re playing for a magnificent team, you’re standing at the back and you don’t have to do a lot.

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Everyone else is running around scoring goals. I just stood on the halfway line looking pretty. I could have run about a bit, I suppose.

To be fair, I’ve never seen other players do it. I think that I was one of the first.

I think Steven Gerrard always tells the story where I p*ssed myself on the pitch and he couldn’t believe it. All this steam was coming up, and it was just where I p*ssed myself.

It’s all Cliff Richard’s fault. “Christmas time, p*ssing all the time…”

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I’ve never ‘Gary Linekered’, actually. At Tottenham there was a lad called Paul Moran who just ran off the pitch because he needed a poo. Didn’t ask anyone, just ran off the pitch, had a poo, and come back.

I’ve p*ssed up the post. I’ve p*ssed up the post a few times, up the back post, in front of the Kop.


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