Football tips: Shots all round for Everton in lunchtime trip to Burnley

We're backing the Toffees to get back to winning ways.


I’ve been quite vociferous about just how good I believe Everton’s credentials to be, so I naturally side with him in games where they’re not shoo-ins, believing I’ll be proven correct.

I’m a man of strong principles but I also know when the game is up.

Actually, no I don’t – they’re playing Burnley folks, and if you think I’m landing you with Sean Dyche double chance, you can take that hit for yourselves. Despite commentators’ patronising words about learning lessons, you take absolutely nothing from getting thumped five-nil in your previous league encounter.

Here’s 3 best bets for Saturday’s early kick-off at Turf Moor.

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Everton to Win

A lovely price, I think. Yes, Everton are a bit all over the place and they’re about as dependable as your Mum’s new boyfriend who’s very much trying to replicate your Da – but there’s too much quality for them not to overcome this opposition.

And while I understand every reservation you can hit me with, there’s not a hope on this planet that Everton, overloading as they do, will fail to score in consecutive games.

That 1-0 defeat to Leeds might well be the turning point for them in the dressing room.

A dressing room that I presume was living far above its own actual achievements for the last while. The narrative that they’re five points off top can easily be substituted with the fact they’ve lost four of their ten games.

Everton to Have 14 or More Shots

My favourite thing about this Everton unit is they shoot from anywhere, so while the win-draw-loss market might stump you sometimes, they’re always good to help you out in the shot department.

Many people’s criticism about them is that they’re a group of individuals but sometimes that’s beneficial in these moments and I won’t slate them for it if they land us a few quid, know what I mean?

Look at it this way – they had none of the ball against Leeds; were absolutely battered – an still had 15 shots. What a club.

Richarlison to Score Anytime

Look where Man City hurt Burnley.

Mahrez had a field day against them because they flooded the overlaps, and while I expect Richarlison to benefit from the opposite side, it’s because he’s usually aided by his good pal Lucas Digne.

That’s a lot to take on, and Calvert-Lewin might well be shut out because Burnley play a low-block, making him a no-go.

Look for the Brazilian to be the difference-maker people expect him to be once more.

Burnley v Everton tips

Everton to Win
Everton to Have 14 or More Shots
Richarlison to Score Anytime



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