Rare Donny van de Beek Old Trafford sighting turns out to be hoax ​​

How mysterious...


The latest reported sighting of Donny van den Beek has been exposed as an elaborate hoax, it has emerged.

Many esteemed scientists around the world discount the existence of Van Den Beeks and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification and deliberate deception.

However, 39-year-old weed-enthusiast Conor Spiracy claimed he saw the legendary Dutchman running around a football stadium in Manchester last night.

The flat-Earther used his smartphone to capture some footage of an impressive blonde creature playing for Manchester United which he insisted was none other than Donny van den Beek.

Speaking exclusively to Paddy Power News, Conor told us:

‘I was just winding down after a long day of spreading misinformation online when something on the television caught my eye’.

‘I’d listened to a few David Icke podcasts on the existence of Van den Beeks but never in a million years did I think I’d see one playing in centre midfield for Manchester United’.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group Stage – Group H – Manchester United v Valencia – Old Trafford, Manchester, Britain – October 2, 2018 General view inside the stadium before the match REUTERS/Phil Noble

Images, purported to be of Van den Beek, were shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media this morning.

However, one leading Van den Beek researcher, Dr Anthony P. O’Logist believes the latest supposed sighting is just the latest in a long line of hoaxes.

Dr O’Logist, who’s devoted the last three months of his career searching for the fabled Dutchman, told Paddy Power News:

‘I can categorically state that there is no such thing as a Van Den Beek’.

‘No data other than fabricated material has ever been presented’.

‘Van den Beek spotted in Manchester United’s midfield? he scoffed.

Whatever next? A fully-fit Jack Wilshire? A Jordan Pickford clean sheet? A Sergio Ramos FIFA Fair Play Award? I’m sick to death of these ludicrous conspiracy theories’.

Despite Dr O’Logist’s denying the existence of Van Den Beek, hundreds of enthusiasts are expecting the next sighting to occur at St Mary’s football stadium, somewhere around the substitute’s bench.

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