Zidane spotted with ‘Root canal. Colonoscopy. Bale’ flag before City game

Well, that escalated


Zinedine Zidane has been spotted holding a banner donning the words ‘Root canal. Colonoscopy. Bale – In that Order’.

The Real Madrid boss was filmed laughing and celebrating with the flag after it emerged the Welsh winger refused to travel to Manchester with his teammates.

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Paddy Power News understands Bale opted out of the Champions League last-16 second-leg tie with Manchester City because it clashed with a round of golf he’d pre-arranged with pals.

Eyewitnesses at Manchester airport claim Zidane and his players celebrated wildly with the flag while they waited beside a baggage carousel.

However, the atmosphere soured when Zidane discovered his luggage had been lost.

Gareth Bale Zinedine Zidane

The stunt would appear to spell the end of Bale’s Real Madrid career, with United supremo Ed Woodward poised to make his 14th fruitless bid for the star in 7-years.

When contacted regards the incident, Zidane had this to say:

‘It was a personal conversation I had with Gareth, but f**k it, I’ll tell you anyway’.

‘I asked him if we wanted to come to Manchester and sit in the stands to make a little telescope out of a programme’.



‘He said he’d rather stir-fry his testicles then flicked a hair bobble at me which struck my head’.

‘That’s when I head-butted him in the chest and he fell to the floor like a ton of Glamorgan sausage’.

When asked if Bale would play for Madrid again, Zidane said:

‘There’s more chance of Sergio Ramos going the rest of career without a booking’.

‘Who gives a sh*t anyway? I mean, apart from scoring in three Champions League finals, what’s Bale ever done for Real Madrid?’, he added.

Meanwhile, Paddy Power News tracked Bale down at a golf course in Madrid to ask for his version of events:

‘I’ll never play for that man again’, snapped the 31-year-old former Spurs ace.

‘If I wanted to sit in an empty stadium in Manchester, I’d have signed for City ages ago’.

‘Besides, my agent says I’ve got plenty of offers elsewhere’.

When asked if there was any club he preferred, Bale replied:

‘Yeah, this new putter here ain’t bad’.

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