Paul Ince: Liverpool aren’t a great team yet. Great teams keep winning.

You have to win it season after season.


It is tough to say that Liverpool are among the best but I think what they have done has been a great achievement. I think the quality of the Premier League hasn’t been what it has been previously.

Are they a great team? I wouldn’t say they are; you have to win it season after season.

I think they have got the talent and the manager to become a great team. Great teams keep winning. If they win it this year and next year, then we can start calling them a great team. Like that Man City team, that’s a great team. Liverpool have been good in the last two years but they need to keep winning things before we say it is a great team.

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You go back to other great teams. I say Arsenal Invincibles, those Man United teams and Liverpool teams that kept winning things constantly. European Cups in Liverpool’s case. For United, it was doubles, trebles and league titles. Chelsea’s team with Drogba, Terry and Lampard was a great team. Liverpool needs to continue to become a great team.

You always have to build and you can never be complacent about what you have done the year before. There’s always probably one or two players you need to add to keep improving it. It has been tough because you look at the front three – Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah – they have played every game. The strength in depth hasn’t been enough to allow them rest. Liverpool have been fortunate in that department. Van Dijk has not been injured.

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They have had the same tight-knit team winning games galore. Things can change next year. Barcelona or Real Madrid could come in and take Salah or Virgil Van Dijk. You just don’t know. So you always have to be prepared for players who can have their heads turned like Philippe Coutinho was.

They will have targets. Four or five players to strengthen again. I am not sure what will happen this season but they are out of the Champions League which they will be disappointed about. The big teams have to keep on improving.

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You have got to have competition because it excites the players and keeps them on their toes. If you have new signings, then you step up again and it stops complacency from last year. These players coming in expect to play. Competition is healthy.

They will have a shortlist to bring in but not many because they have been fantastic. We used to bring one or two in at our time to keep the momentum going. I think Klopp will do the same.

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