Football Betting: Take Van Dijk & De Bruyne for PFA Player of the Year

With the league all but over, it might be worth turning to the PFA Player of the Year award. Our trader breaks down the odds


The PFA Player of the year is a very interesting market. Unsurprisingly, the mighty Liverpool dominate the frontrunning spots in the betting as they cascade towards the league title, and possibly more.

Six players look like realistic contenders at the moment. Here’s how their odds stack up:

Jurgen Klopp Jordan Henderson James Milner

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Jordan Henderson – 3 Goals & 5 Assists (13/8)

Jordan Brian Henderson favourite for PFA Player of the year?! I’m not having that!

Of course, I backed Fabinho to win player of the year at 150/1 and he then went and got injured. At that point, the league was still in the balance and I really thought Liverpool could be in trouble.

Since then, Henderson has stepped into the number six role and has performed like he’s never before. It meant Liverpool didn’t drop a single point in the league in Fabinho’s absence. that’s an incredible achievement in itself and a lot of the credit has to go down to the former Sunderland midfielder, However, I don’t think he will get the award though because it’s voted on by the players.

There is not a hope that Henderson has been the best player in the league this season and his fellow pros know that. He might get a lot of the English vote with his leadership skills and the fact he is going to be the league winning captain on 100+ points and potentially unbeaten but the players know there are two special players in the league.

For his sheer determination and work ethic, I wouldn’t mind seeing him win it but I just can’t justify him being the favourite.

Virgil van Dijk – 4 Goals (4/1)

Virgil van Dijk is clearly the best defender in the world at the moment and his elite performances are now taken for granted, which could mean he’s not given the credit he deserves for another incredible season. Since Joe Gomez and Van Dijk have been back together, in 11 games they have conceded just one league goal.  That’s one goal conceded in 1000+ minutes of football.

Van Dijk is special and the players voting on this award appreciate his ability and talent. He is the class act in the field and should be favourite in my eyes.

I would snap up the 4/1 available now.

Kevin de Bruyne – 7 Goals & 15 Assists (6/1)

What a player this man is. Kevin De Bruyne is the best midfielder right now and might be the best passer of a ball yours truly has ever seen. He is averaging a goal or an assist in every Premier League game this season. He’s either scored or assisted on 33% of all City’s goals this season,

How is Jordan Henderson having a better season than that?!

It’s difficult to compare the two players but this is an individual award and the Belgian is challenging Van Dijk for the best player crown this season. He is probably the most technically gifted player in the league and I wouldn’t put anyone off taking the 6/1 even though City look like to finish 20+ points behind Liverpool.


Sadio Mane – 12 Goals & 6 Assists (2/1)

This season Mane has taken his game to a new level.

He’s probably been the best from the Liverpool front three, who have all been special in spells during the campaign. The Senegal striker hasn’t only scored goals this year but has also become a creator too. Looking at last season, he assisted just one goal in 36 games. That’s a terrible return for a striker playing in a team that achieved 97 points. He’s already grabbed 6 assists in 23 games this season which puts him in the top 10 in the league for assists.

When you look back at previous winners, though, it’s hard to see Mane getting the award based on his numbers. The last two strikers to win the award were Mo Salah and Luis Suarez. In 2013/14, the Uruguayan won the award after scoring 33 goals and providing 12 assists and in 2017/18 Salah scored 32 goals and provided 10 assists. This isn’t to say that Mane is having a poor season but, because of the way the Liverpool front 3 play, they share a lot of the goals and assists. It’s hard to see Mane posting the stats to justify winning the award when the season ends.

Mo Salah – 14 Goals & 6 Assists (16/1)

2017/18 was a freak season for Salah. It seemed like everything he touched went in the net. Liverpool finished 25 points behind City that season but Salah had the best individual season by a country mile so he comfortably won the award.

This has been another brilliant season for Salah, just not 17/18 good – his numbers are still incredible and it’s pretty safe to say he’s not a one-season wonder.

The media’s perception of Salah is not great. There’s a widespread view that Salah is greedy – it seems like nonsense to me, though, as he’s created the most chances of anyone for Liverpool this season.

Technically, he is not on the same level as De Bruyne or Van Dijk but his consistency is incredible. However, it looks like he won’t be the league’s top scorer for the third season in a row so I just can’t see how he wins this award this year.

Bobby Firmino – 8 Goals & 7 Assists (40/1)

So, you probably have to support Liverpool to understand how good Bobby Firmino actually is. He is the most unconventional number nine the game has ever seen. I would have him in the starting XI even if he never scored because he is the crucial link between Liverpool#s midfield and the Salah-Mane pairing,

He’s the first line of defence as well, and he has the sexiest first touch in the league. These awards are generally given to the player with the best stats so unfortunately, Firmino will never get the kudos his play deserves, which explains the 40/1 price.

These awards are generally given to the player with the best stats and the players are the ones who are voting. In Virgil van Dijk and Kevin de Bruyne, you are witnessing greatness and I can’t see a way that one of them doesn’t win it, so my advice is to get on them now.


Van Dijk for PFA Player of the Year @ 4/1

De Bruyne for PFA Player of the Year @ 6/1

*All odds correct at time of publication

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