Fitba Roundup: Screamers, dad jokes and a keeper slipping on his arse

Dom Gall's back with another weekly update from lands Caledonian


With Halloween out the way and the festive season just around the corner, Scottish football has this week been all about unity and bringing people together. We’re a great bunch, really.

There’s not a John Lewis advert – although Celtic’s is on the way – but with Christmas approaching we can offer a rear end coming together with a floor, Ray McKinnon uniting all of Scottish football, the national team spreading a message of hope and a mass gathering of Linlithgow players, rejoicing as one.

Just over 15 months on from McKinnon’s move from Morton to Falkirk – one which didn’t go down very well over on the west coast – he has successfully guided Falkirk to relegation and is now cruising comfortably in midtable. Well, was cruising, he’s now on the bus to the job centre:

The news has come as a gift to almost all of Scottish football, as Morton fans celebrate his failure, everyone else celebrates Falkirk’s failure and Falkirk fans celebrate his departure. But, was his sacking harsh? It has been pointed out that, technically, he achieved what the board had asked of him:

It’s not all bad news for Falkirk fans, though, as there is a light – or several lights – at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Conor Sammon being the celebrity chosen to turn on the town’s Christmas lights. What a time to be alive.

As it’s the international break, we turn our attention to the non-league action to see what’s happening. Whilst this is normally in hope of a punch up or a dog on the pitch, on this occasion it is simply to enjoy the scenes at Linlithgow’s Grant Sneddon scored a screamer of a free kick with the last kick of the game to overcome rivals Bo’ness. You love to see it:

Talking of the international break, Scotland actually managed to win a game, which is quite something. Bravo, well done, good job, proud of you. More importantly, with the Premier League spending billions and losing touch with the common man, it’s fantastic to see Scotland’s team offering hope to ordinary blokes up and down our fine land:

Truly inspirational stuff and a message to all Scots to follow their dreams.

Airdrie’s David Hutton won’t be too pleased with the Airdrie social admin this week after his slightly unfortunate slip was captured by the CCTV cameras at The Penny Cars Stadium. Cracking name for a ground that by way, isn’t it?

Anyway, we’ve all been there and had a wee fall on some ice, but we’ve not had it uploaded to Twitter for the world to enjoy. A little gift from the Scottish football gods, this one:

Finally, in a world where Scottish football seems to get weirder and weirder, with laughs coming in all shapes and sizes and bizarre events happening on an almost weekly basis, I present to you a humble da joke to conclude this week’s round-up:

What do you think?