Revealed: How players really feel about doing post-match interviews

No one wants to talk to Geoff really!


If you weren’t moved by Matty and Sean Longstaff’s post-match interview after Newcastle’s win over Manchester United, you’ve probably got a heart of stone.

Matty had just plundered the winner against the country’s biggest club on his Premier League debut and could hardly hide his emotions as his big brother handed him the man-of-the-match award.

But interviews don’t always go that smoothly – just ask the many reporters who have felt the wrath of Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho after a heavy loss.

Now, Steve Sidwell and Jon Walters have tried to shed some light on just what it feels like to have a camera shoved in your face immediately after a match.

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Speaking to the Liquid Football podcast, which is produced by JOE in partnership with Paddy Power, Sidwell explained: “They’re really difficult if you’ve had a thumping loss.

My worst one was when Fulham got relegated at Stoke and I was the captain.

“I had to go out and be the front of the football club straight after the game.

“You have to keep your emotions intact as well. The fans want to see you come out ranting and raving and blaming this and that, you can’t pull the wool over people’s eyes.

“You have to be brutally honest and that’s it. When you’ve had a good result they’re easy.”

Walters agreed with Sidwell and revealed some of his former team-mates did everything in their power to avoid having to speak after games.

“You get players who only do them when they win,” he said. “In the Stoke dressing room, the press guy used to come in after matches and he’d asked a couple of players and we’d be like ‘p**s off!’

“He didn’t really want to come in and ask us because the players don’t want to do it, but I think it is important. Some players are happy to front up to the media after a defeat and I think that’s important because the media respect that side of it.

The money comes from the media and the players have got to realise they have to do that side of it.

“All the money comes from TV rights, so you have to give something back as well. It’s important to front up after you’ve been beaten and not hide.”

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