John Gibbons: Klopp must play the transfer game – new is always better

The man from TAW is positive - but still worried

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool manager


Greetings from the USA, where I find myself following the Liverpool team about in the stifling heat. Honestly, it’s so hot I can barely stand. I don’t know how or why anyone is playing football. Apparently the temperature today in Boston was the hottest since 1991. I assume that was the day the sun came to visit Massachusetts. It is hard to imagine anything warmer than today.

The football boiled over a few times tonight too. Sevilla decided to treat the match somewhere between a cup final and a grudge match. How have we upset them? Did Jordan Henderson call oranges shit? Did Jurgen Klopp say Flamenco dancing was wool? Did James Milner call the Alcazar Cathedral the third best cathedral in the Andalusia area? It’s all a bit of a mystery.

I’ve been travelling a lot recently. I assume I’ve missed some sort of diplomatic incident. Never mind. I’m sure the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will sort it…

Liverpool Sevilla

Anyway, Liverpool keep losing games in America but I think it’s fine. They are unlikely to play an important match in the country so there are worse places to have a bad record. Everyone seems relaxed so I’m relaxed too.

Mo Salah is just posting pictures of himself showering in his undies on holiday. Not sure he’s concerning himself too much with what Sevilla are up to in Boston. Nor is Roberto Firmino who is dancing round South America in skirts. They’ll be back soon and so will the real Reds.

The lack of transfer activity has got people chatting too. Jurgen Klopp is telling us we don’t need to worry as Rhian Brewster and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are the new signings, which is all well and good but nothing gets the internet excited like a 50 million-rated wide forward with a belter YouTube compilation.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Jurgen needs to play the game a bit here. New is always better. Even if it’s a back up left back I’ve never heard of. Every social media post Liverpool do is followed by a “Sign X” message. Like they hadn’t thought of it before Dave from Coventry suggested it. It’s how all big clubs do transfers.

I’m positive but I still worry.

About Manchester City and the ridiculously high bar they continue to set. About injuries and worst case scenarios and signing Steven Caulker because there is no one to play centre half. About all the things that mean Liverpool won’t win a 19th league title.

But for now we power on. To New York where this Liverpool side without all the boss lads upfront who score goals try and beat some lads from Portugal who hopefully don’t hate our guts. We’ll see how they go. There are no new lads to join them. Just the European Champions. Never gonna stop.

Liverpool are 23/10 second-favourites to win the 2019-20 Premier League

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