Revealed: How our fake shirt charade was nearly scuppered by the FA

It was a wild few days - and there were some last minute wobbles after the FA got involved - but our Save Our Shirt campaign got off to a flying start

Rochdale v Huddersfield Town Paddy Power


Like the screwing up of a transfer window by Man United, months of careful planning went into pulling off Paddy’s latest masterstroke of mischief with the Huddersfield Town kit launch.

While some naysayers seem to think that we actually planned for the Terriers to wear the ridiculously branded shirt for the 2019/20 campaign – do you really think we’re that sick? – we can assure you that the scheme has been more intricately planned than the Brexit Withdrawal agreement.

Really. They drew up that plan on the back of a napkin!

We think it’s high-time that shirts were given back to the fans – they always look better without sponsors anyway – and we’ve decided to take the branding off Huddersfield Town’s blue-and-white stripes for the season.


We know where we belong – it’s not on your shirt

And just to show we’re serious about this, we’ve decided to push for others to do the same with the #SaveOurShirt campaign, a movement hoping to stop the bastardising of football shirts and to return them to the fans.

But when you’re at the forefront of a radical cause it isn’t always plain sailing, and behind the scenes there were plenty of nervy moments this week.

We did not expect the FA to get involved in the launch this week – honestly! It was only a preseason friendly after all. Are they going to start telling five-a-side heroes they can’t wear that classic shirt that’s now two sizes too small?

I sure hope not.

Obviously we expected plenty of online outrage at the kit, but the threat of sanctions against the club never crossed our minds. – or those at the club!

So when the FA statement emerged, it looked as though Huddersfield Town wouldn’t wear the shirt against Rochdale for fear of punishment by the fuddy-duddies.

And the online backlash against the sash was so huge several social media execs have been given compassionate leave.

Though their suffering was not in vain. The club held their nerve through the threats and turmoil before the game – thanks to a few soothing calls from none other than Paddy himself – and the side emerged in the controversial garment.

And then a deluge of justified bile poured from the stands..

We know because we were there.

Keeping very quiet.

Our man in Huddersfield, stationed there for the week ahead of the big reveal, smuggled this exclusive footage from the crowd on the evening.

He’s in line for a significant payrise for his fearless work.

Though the fans were only giving voice to frustration that many feel at the encroachment of logos across their club’s shirts. Their outrage let everyone know exactly what they thought of the kit and what many fans feel about the use of their team’s colours by sponsors.

And the Town faithful were rewarded for their support on the night as the Terriers powered to a 3-1 win thanks to their glorious new kit.

Which now retires with a 100% record.

So, no pressure, unbranded kit.

Find out more about the Save our shirt campaign

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